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Original Lo-Dough Bases

The easiest way to cut calories and carbs in hundreds of dishes.

Lo-Dough puts your foodie favourites right back on the menu with 90% less carbs and dramatically fewer calories than traditional pizza bases, bread, cakes and pastry products.

Only 39kcal per base Low carb Gluten free Vegetarian GMO free Dairy free High protein View product

Half the calories and gluten-free

A whole pizza under 300 kcals and 5g carbs—and without the gluten. Never miss out on pizza again.

Enjoy pizza, quiche and cakes on any diet

Looking for simple tasty Lo-Dough recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Whether you’re keto, low cal, gluten-free, or working out, we’ve got hundreds of delicious recipes for you to choose from.

Low-Calorie Garlic Bread

Calories 264 kcal Carbs 5g Fibre 9g Protein 19g Sugar 2g

The Lo-Dough Keto Burrito

Calories 776 kcal Carbs 7g Fibre 13g Protein 30g

Low Calorie Quiche Lorraine

Calories 175 kcal Carbs 2.3g Fibre 2.4g Protein 7.5g

Very Low Carb Egg Custard Tart

Calories 159 kcal Carbs 2.5g Fibre 2.5g Protein 8g Sugar 1g

Low Calorie Pepperoni Pizza

Calories 415 kcal Carbs 6g Fibre 10g Protein 27g Sugar 2g

Our Amazing Low-Calorie Waffles

Calories 201 kcal Carbs 5g Fibre 9.3g Protein 10g Sugar 2g

Brie, Bacon & Cranberry Gluten Free Pizza

Calories 425 kcal Carbs 10.5g Fibre 9g Protein 23g Sugar 7.5g

Low-Carb Coffee And Walnut Cake

Calories 104 kcal Carbs 2g Fibre 7g Protein 6g

Low Calorie Cake Lollypops

Calories 64 kcal Carbs 3g Fibre 4g Protein 3g Sugar 2g

Low-cal French Onion Soup With Low-Carb Cheesy Croutons

Calories 336 kcal Carbs 19g Fibre 9g Protein 20g Sugar 12g

Low-Calorie Arrabbiata Chicken Lasagne

Calories 270 kcal Carbs 10g Fibre 5g Protein 30g Sugar 6g

Low-Calorie Guinness Zero Chocolate Cake

Calories 105 kcal Carbs 4g Fibre 8g Protein 5g

Low-Cal Lasagne—Creamy Leek, Mushroom & Spinach

Calories 185 kcal Carbs 11g Fibre 7g Protein 15g Sugar 6g

Low-Calorie Marble Cake

Calories 108 kcal Carbs 6g Fibre 15g Protein 6g Sugar 3g

Low-Carb Fish Gratin

Calories 326 kcal Carbs 7g Fibre 8g Protein 28g Sugar 1g

Low-Calorie Poached Pear Sponge Cake

Calories 62 kcal Carbs 4g Fibre 9g Protein 4g Sugar 3g

Low Calorie Sticky Toffee Brownies

Calories 130 kcal Carbs 14g Fibre 7g Protein 4g Sugar 3g

Low-Cal Mixed Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pizza

Calories 326 kcal Carbs 6g Fibre 9g Protein 20g Sugar 2g

Firework Vanilla Sponge Cake

Calories 126 kcal Carbs 5g Fibre 7g Protein 5g Sugar 4g

Southern-Coated Tofu and Noodles

Calories 225 kcal Carbs 10g Fibre 15g Protein 13g Sugar 12g
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