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Gluten Free Brownie Recipes You Need In Your Life

Gluten Free Brownie Recipes You Need In Your Life

Enjoy brownies without the bloat 

Forget the flour, these decadent brownie recipes are all made in no time with our simple, just-add-water mix. In the UK, 1 in 100 people suffer with coeliac disease - so why shouldn't you be able to enjoy your favourite foods? We use a uses a gluten-free wheat fibre in our brownies, so you can enjoy your favourite sweet treat without having to worry about that uncomfortable bloated feeling afterwards! 

Gluten-free, gut-friendly, and contain a fraction of the calories of regular brownies - what's not to love? Check out these ace gluten-free brownie recipes below.


Banana Brownies

Gluten-free brownies

These brownies are likely to split opinions - but trust us, these taste amazing! Bake a slice of ripe banana into each square for a lovely, rich chocolatey taste in each bite.

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Fruit and Nut Brownies

gluten free brownies

These are as simple to make as grabbing a pack of a trail mix and and baking them into your brownies. They're gluten-free, full of fibre, and perfect to pack in your lunchbox for a hike! 

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Peanut Butter Glazed Brownies

gluten free brownies

Definitely one for the peanut butter lovers After taking a bite out of one of these glazed beauties, you won't believe that they come in at under 100 calories a pop!

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Strawberry and Cream Brownies

low calorie brownies

Cheesecake swirled brownies for just 70 calories each. A perfect sweet treat which taste like summer with every mouthful! 

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Chocolate Brownie Sundae

gluten free brownies

The most indulgent, low-calorie ice cream sundae ever! Crumble up your brownie in to bites, add in some low-cal ice cream & chocolate sauce, fat-free yoghurt, and a cherry on top - and you're on to a winner! 

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