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Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Under 500 Calories

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Under 500 Calories

Whether you’re looking to cut out meat completely, or just want to be more conscious of your consumption, reducing the amount of meat you’re eating has never been easier. The number of vegetarians and vegans in the UK continues to boom, and with it, a wealth of delicious vegetarian meal options, meat substitutes and veggie restaurants. Below you can find our very best veggie recipes ideas which will help to make healthy, meat-free dinners that bit easier (and delicious). All of the recipes below are also under 500 calories. 


Garlic Mushroom Pizza

403 calories (per pizza)

Garlic Mushroom Pizza low carb

Garlic and mushrooms are one of those smells that instantly get our bellies rumbling - and this rich veggie pizza recipe will do the same.

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Roasted Veg and Breaded Cheese Salad

349 calories (per portion)

breaded cheese salad

When there's breaded cheese involved, you know you're onto a winner! This would make a perfect vegetarian main mean or a delectable side. 

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Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

347 calories (per pizza)

Spinach & Artichoke Pizza

Artichokes are super fibre and work an absolute treat on quick and healthy vegetarian pizza. It only takes 15 minutes to rustle up and you can enjoy the low for under 350 calories. 

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High Fibre Veggie Quiche

216 calories (per quarter)

Low Calorie Quiche

Looking for a gut-friendly lunch? This veggie quiche is delicious both straight out of the oven and cold the next day in your lunchbox. The perfect meal prep recipe! 

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Veggie Cheeseburger Pizza

410 calories (per pizza)

Low Calorie Pizza cheeseburger

Can't decide between pizza and burger? You don't need to. This is the best veggie burger pizza you'll ever try - take our word for it! 

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Veggie Katsu Curry 

339 calories (per portion)

Low Calorie Katsu

Our homage to the one of the nation's favourite's: Katsu Curry. Get an incredible hit of fibre in one delicious veggie meal with our mushroom katsu curry. 

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Kimcheese Toastie

270 calories (per toastie)

Veggie toastie recipe

The Kimcheese toasted sandwich is a modern-day classic as far as we are concerned. Tasty as hell, and full of probiotic goodness, and can be enjoyed in under 10 minutes.

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Low Carb Halloumi Pizza

382 calories (per pizza)

Low Carb Halloumi Pizza

This pizza is made for the keto diet! Topped with loads of healthy fats yet still under 400 calories for the whole pizza. 

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Cheese & Bean Pasty

243 calories (per pasty)

Cheese and bean pasty

This is comfort food times 100. What could be better than beans and cheese? A deliciously low calorie, high fibre pastry to eat them with!


Spicy Roast Veg Pizza

280 calories (per pizza)

Spicy Roast Veg Pizza

This Low-Calorie Masterpiece Is Pretty Much Veggie Heaven!

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Low Carb Veggie Gratin

299 calories (per portion)

Low Carb Vegetebale Gratin

Comforting Family-Style Food. Incredible Flavour & Diet-Friendly.

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Padana Pizza

248 calories (per pizza)

Vegetarian Pizza

This is a seriously tasty pizza - meat-free, full of flavour - plenty of healthy spinach, tasty goats cheese and sweet onions. But thanks to the Lo-Dough base, it's wonderfully low-carb and low calorie

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Low-Calorie Paneer Kebab

285 calories (per kebab)

Low Calorie Paneer Kebab

Tikka Look At This! Low-Calorie Kebabs Are Possible With Lo-Dough...

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Lo dough review


Low-Carb Breaded Cauli Steak

90 calories (per steak)

 Low Carb Breaded Cauli Steak

Veggie Steak Heaven - Made Low-Carb With Our Southern Style Coating.

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Aubergine Bianca Pizza

437 calories (per pizza)

low carb Aubergine Bianca Pizza

No Tomato, No Problem. This Low Carb Bianca Pizza Is The Stuff Of Veggie Dreams. Everything Is Better With Griddled Aubergine! 

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Veggie Enchiladas

170 calories (per enchilada)

Low Calorie Mexican Vegetable Enchiladas

Filling, Satisfying & Utterly Delicious, These Low-Calorie Enchiladas Are Just The Ticket For Family Meal Times. 

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Feta & Roasted Veg Toastie

220 calories (per toastie)

low calorie toastie recipe

Packed full of delicious roasted vegetables, this low calorie veggie toastie recipe is perfect if you need something quick and filling. 

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Green Veg Pizza

286 calories (per pizza)

Low Calorie Pizza Green Veg

Our 'Eat Your Greens Pizza' - Low Cal, Veggie Perfection!

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Low-Carb Cheese & Tomato Pizza

330 calories (per pizza)

Low Carb Cheese & Tomato Pizza

Classic, Simple, Unbeatable... This Is The Low-Carb Pizza You've Been Looking For!

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Creamy Goat’s Cheese & Beetroot Pizza

290 calories (per pizza)

Creamy Goat’s Cheese & Beetroot Pizza low calorie

Creamy, Earthy Deliciousness - The Perfect Low-Calorie Veggie Pizza 

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Low-Calorie Veggie Deep Dish Pizza

268 calories (per half pizza)

Low Calorie Veggie Deep Dish Pizza

A 268 Calorie Deep Dish Pizza? The Whole Thing?! Only If You Make It With Lo-Dough...

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Mediterranean Veg Pizza

290 calories (per pizza)

Low Calorie Pizza Mediterranean Veg

A Low-Calorie Veggie Pizza With A Difference.

290 calories

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High Fibre Stuffed Mushrooms

387 calories (per two mushrooms)

High Fibre Stuffed Mushrooms

High-Fibre Veggie Heaven.

387 calories

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Olive & Herb Fritters

205 calories (per two fritters)

Olive & Herb Fritters low calorie

A Low-Calorie Lunch That Tastes Like Sunshine!

205 calories

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