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I'm Dreaming of a Low-Carb Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a Low-Carb Christmas

Top hacks to stay low carb during the festive season

Tired of turkey? Fear not, we have numerous ways you can indulge in festive feasts and keep the carbs to a minimum (even in line with your keto-diet). Christmas doesn’t have to mean carbs and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to struggle to stay on plan, just because the minced pies and pastries are flying around readily. Lo-Dough works as a bread and pastry alternative and it's a really unique way of eating the food you love without being weighed down by calories and carbs. It's virtually carb free (2.2g per piece) with the added bonus of being gluten-free, high in protein and fibre, and an amazing 39 calories per piece. Being on a low carb diet during the festive season is a walk in the park with Lo-Dough, as you will see from these amazing recipes.

Low-carb Christmas cookies (4.5g carbs, yes really!)

Low carb cookies

Oh yes, we're not joking around, Baking is right back on the agenda with Lo-Dough, as you can blitz it into breadcrumbs which make low-carb desserts and cookies possible... and we can say from first-hand experience that they taste delicious. Lo-Dough is virtually carb-free, meaning cookies can be super low carb too. In this case, you could even add a few cheeky chocolate chips here and there to make delicious low-carb festive snacks for your friends. Even a full cookie with the chocolate chips comes in at 4.5g carbs, meaning you can enjoy a classic sweet treat whilst staying on plan.

Get the Lo-Dough chocolate chips cookies full recipe. 

Lo-Dough sausage rolls make incredible festive snacks (10g carbs)

Low carb sausage roll which is also gluten free

Lo-Dough works well with a rolling pin, and it's a great low-carb pastry alternative. What better time of year to make the most of that?

Pulled pork wrap - hearty winter lunch (8.5g carbs)

low carb pulled pork wrap

Who says Christmas is all about turkey? If anything, it's nice to mix it up a bit and have a warm, hearty wrap made of delicious pulled-pork (you can always do this recipe with turkey if you want). With Lo-Dough as your bread alternative, you can indulge in a well-filled wrap for just over 8g of carbs. With the weather chilly and the days short, there's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a lovely warm wrap. It's also really easy to put together and is a nice idea if you've got friends stopping by for lunch on a winter day. They'll be thanking you when they realise how healthy it is!

Get the low-carb pulled-pork wrap full recipe