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Lo-Dough Pasty Perfection - A step by step guide

Lo-Dough Pasty Perfection - A step by step guide

Lo-Dough makes a fantastic low-carb and low-calorie pie-style pastry replacement. It's a slightly more advanced use of Lo-Dough and as such needs a little more care and attention. But done right, the results are beautiful and allow for a crispy, savoury casing around or on top of your stews and casseroles.

Here's a step by step guide to making a delicious pasty. You're free to add any filling you like. 

Note – for a Lo-Dough pasty/pie, we recommend cooking the filling first. You could go with creamy chicken, Mediterranean vegetables and feta, a classic Cornish pasty or even baked beans and cheese. Pasties are also a great way of using up leftovers – for ours, we used some leftover mince & gravy mix. 

Top tip: Lo-Dough is made entirely from protein and fibre. As such they're incredibly light but very filling. Each piece contains a 3rd of your daily fibre requirement!

Lo-Dough Pasty

Step 1: The filling and the egg wash.

Further to your Lo-Dough, you will need your chosen filling and a beaten egg for egg washing. 

Here are some pasty fillings we have made so far:

Lo-Dough Pasty

Step 2: Filling your Lo-Dough Pasty.

Add your mix into the middle of the Lo-Dough. You will need to add approx. 130-140g. Then moisten the Lo-Dough around half the edge of the base with a healthy splash of water.

Lo-Dough Pasty

Step 3: The fold, the seal and the bake

Fold over and press firmly between your fingers/a fork to create a seal - this is the part where you need to be careful. Press firmly and hold briefly to create a seal. For a pasty, it is best to work around the curve in sections. 

Once sealed, egg wash over the top and then place in a preheated oven at 180C/356F/Gas 6 for 30-40 minutes. Halfway through turn over and egg wash the other side. Bake until golden brown – whilst baking, you can add a second layer of egg wash for an even richer colour.

Lo-Dough Pasty

Step 4: The finished Lo-Dough pasty

After cooking for 30 minutes and once golden brown, the pasty and filling should be cooked through. We recommend Lo-Dough pasties are served immediately as the pastry may soften if left to sit.

Lo-Dough Pasty

Step 5: Serving your pasty

For a balanced meal, serve with vegetables on the side and if suitable, extra gravy!

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