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Sweet Treats for Under 3g of Sugar

Sweet Treats for Under 3g of Sugar

No sugar for us, we're sweet enough.

Maintaining a low sugar diet can be a drag sometimes. There's a sudden realisation that all of the tastiest things in life - more often than not - have added sugar or loads of refined carbohydrates in them. With the combination of Lo-Dough and erythritol, you can make truly delicious desserts that are low in both calories & carbs, and have a reduced effect on blood sugar compared to other desserts. Check out our favourite low-sugar recipes below.


Lemon Meringue Pie

1.5g sugar (per 1/4)

low sugar lemon meringue pie

This retro dessert has been brought into the modern-day with a new delicious, low-sugar look. Enjoy all of the sweet tangy taste while keeping the calories and sugar down. 

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Keto Coconut Brownies

3g sugar (per brownie)

keto brownies

Brownies are usually a no-go territory on a keto diet - well, think again! These coconut brownies are rich, chocolatey and contain a fraction of the sugar of regular shop-bought alternatives. 

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Vanilla Flan

0.5g sugar (per 1/4)

low sugar desserts

When it comes to flans, we're very much of the opinion: the thicker, the better. You can have a door-stop sized wedge of this delicious dessert for under 1g of sugar. 

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Coconut Macaroons

0.2g sugar (per macaroon)

low sugar snacks

A low carb, low sugar snack which is sure to make you coconuts. You'll have to try and stop yourself eating the whole tray, as these sweet snowy drops are under 30 calories each.

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Peach & Almond Flan

2g sugar (per 1/4)

low carb flan

A fruity flan to add some brightness to your days as the darkness draws in. Topped with toasted almonds for a lovely textural result. 

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Banana Brownies

3g sugar (per brownie)

low sugar treats

Although bananas sometimes split opinions, we are sure that you will love these. Place a slice in the centre of each brownie before baking to enjoy the tasty combo of chocolate & banana in each bite! 

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Egg Custard Tart

1.5g sugar (per 1/4)

keto dessert

A timeless dessert and a personal favourite of the team here at Lo-Dough HQ. You won't believe how easy this egg custard tart is to make and the result is truly eggcellent

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Raspberry Custard Tart

1g sugar (per 1/4)

low sugar tart

Fancy sprucing up your egg custard a little? Add some raspberries for a sweet and tangy taste sensation. 

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