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The Macro Friendly Pizza That Doesn't Involve Cauliflower

The Macro Friendly Pizza That Doesn't Involve Cauliflower

Lo-Dough is here to change the pizza game forever

Low Calorie Pizza

No cauliflower base. No low-fat cheese and no measly amounts of toppings. We don't do measly toppings at Lo-Dough and we certainly don't want your kitchen smelling like somebody left their nan in charge of cooking the cauliflower for Sunday lunch (Sorry nans!).

We do low-cal and low-carb pizza right (ie - tasty). Here's how it works:

The Base:

Lo-Dough is made by carefully blending and cooking fibres and proteins to create a unique gluten-free product, not quite like any other. It has a soft, dough-like texture and unlike most gluten-free products it is not biscuit-like or prone to falling apart. It is 39 kcal per piece, just 2.2 carbs and a massive 9.3g of fibre (more on that shortly). 

Which brings us to cauliflower bases. Cauliflower bases are often used as low-carb and gluten-free substitutes. Unfortunately, they taste of cauliflower. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but not what you want with a pizza. Secondly - they aren't especially robust. Thirdly - and this gets us - for a low-carb product, they are pretty high in carbs! We did a bit of shopping around and most cauli-bases clock in at around 20+ grams of carbs. Less than a standard pizza base, but still  10x the carbs you'll find in a piece of Lo-Dough.

Low Calorie Pizza


With a Lo-Dough pizza, you should be covering it with full-fat grated mozzarella (70g minimum) on a generous topping of rich tomato sauce. A pizza made like this will still only come in at around 300 calories. The Lo-Dough base is doing all the work for you, so you don't have to be stingy with the toppings. In fact - you'll find it pretty damn hard to get a Lo-Dough pizza over the NHS-recommended calorie intake for a meal (600 kcal). It's possible, but it takes some doing (and a whole bunch of bacon)! When you think that an average shop-bought pizza will come in at easily over 700-800 kcal, you realise just what Lo-Dough can do for you and your diet/lifestyle.

Other toppings - Here's where you make the pizza your own. If slimming, look for lean meats and veg. If keto, look for fattier meats or dress with extra virgin olive oil! Make Lo-Dough what you want Lo-Dough to be.

Low Carb Pizza


Studies repeatedly show that people struggle to hit their NHS-recommended intake of 30g of dietary fibre per day. A Lo-Dough pizza makes that target all the more realistic by giving you around 10g of fibre per pizza. To put that into perspective, a serving of porridge oats only supplies 2.4g. 

Fibre is not only gut-friendly and linked to reducing the risk of various serious illnesses, it actually fills and satisfies you more quickly and for longer, curbing hunger pangs and cravings. It is the dieter’s secret weapon waiting to be discovered and we are giving it to you in spades in our revolutionary bases! 

Low Carb Pizza



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The easiest way to reduce calories and carbs in hundreds of dishes.

Lo-Dough has 90% less carbs than a typical flour tortilla. Enjoy a whole pizza in under 300 calories.