Spicy Lamb Pizza

Spicy Lamb Pizza

Sunday night is a great night for pizza, but instead of devouring 1800 calories worth of Domino’s, Lo-Dough allowed me to turn a carb-loading overindulgence into a nutritionally balanced meal. This time I took all my leftover lamb mince and pan fried it with za’atar, sumac, tandoori spice and sriracha for an international fusion of spicy goodness.

I then added, cheddar, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, oregano and fresh basil to finish. I ate half of this pizza with Leonie and it was a perfect Sunday night dinner.

Here’s the calories

1 Piece of Lo-Dough 28g – 36kcal (1.8g carbs)
Tomato sauce 78g – 31kcal (4g carbs)
Mozzarella cheese 72g – 170kcal (0 carbs)
Cheddar cheese 50g – 206kcal (0 carbs)
Spicy lamb 190g – 465kcal (2g carbs)
Tomatoes 25g – 18kcal (2 g carbs)

Total of 980kcal with 8.2g carbs

I knew this pizza would be high on calories due to the large portion of delicious fatty lamb mince. I also knew I would be only eating half of it, so allowed myself to ensure it was a full flavour indulgence.

Half the pizza provided 490kcal and 4.1g carbs, making it a perfect meal for the 30 day challenge, I still can’t believe I get to eat food like this and still easily consume less than 1800 calories per day.

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