Understanding The Value Of Lo-Dough | Is Lo-Dough worth your money?

Is Lo-Dough worth your money? Let us answer that query for you here...

Lo-Dough is a low calorie, low carb and high fibre bread-replacement that is suitable for weight loss diets, keto, gluten-free diets, fasting diets and diets improving your gut health by increasing your fibre intake. Lo-Dough Original Bases (and our further range of products) are health and wellness focussed ingredients, versatile in their application and far-reaching in their benefits.

Low carb bread

Like many free-from and lower calorie foods our products come at a higher price than its standard counterparts. Compared to a high calorie wrap or pizza base, our base is higher in price. This is because, unlike those products, we use specialist, higher-priced ingredients and we use a unique and lengthy (and secret) baking process and packaging solution - did we tell you our long-life product also has a miraculous 12 month shelf life? Naturally, all this incurs costs - costs that we are always striving to lower and in turn, pass on the benefit to the customer.  

The price of Lo-Dough  | What does Lo-Dough cost?

Lo-Dough is available from £3.49 per pack of two. This means each base is £1.75. That might not seem cheap if you see Lo-Dough as ‘just a wrap’, but it’s worth thinking about what it actually is and what it offers to you as the end user.

For a start, there is no product on the market like it. Given all our health claims and the uniqueness of our non-crumbly gluten-free bread alternative, we are offering significant value for that £1.75. But it’s not just about what we have taken out of the bread (carbs, cals, gluten). Lo-Dough is also high in protein and ultra high in gut healthy fibre. Any gym-goer will know the premium paid for protein, but many are still only waking up to the health benefits of fibre. Fibre is a perfect replacement for carbs - beneficial to your gut health, but also satiating - you will not go hungry after eating a Lo-Dough-based meal - trust us! 

Also - its more than just a wrap. Much more. Primarily used as a pizza base, it can also be turned into a replacement for pastry, pasta, sandwich break, cakes, pancakes and a whole lot more. Check out our recipe page for evidence of the sheer spectrum of versatility Lo-Dough makes available to you. It’s Swiss Army knife of your culinary arsenal, suiting almost any diet and any meal type.

The cost of Lo-Dough vs other regularly bought food/beverage items 

Lo-Dough - £1.75 per base, sold in packs of two

Takeaway coffee - £2.50 (Starbucks, ‘short’ flat white)

Beer - £4.07 (Average price taken from Nationalworld.com)

175ml glass of wine - £4.05 (average price taken from ONS)

Protein snack bar - £2.85 (Grenade, Cookies & Cream bar RRP)

Deli chain sandwich - £3.25  (Pret-a-Manger, Ham and cheese)

Takeaway pizza - £9.99 (Dominos, small/9.5 inch Margherita)

As you can see from the short list above, what is and isn’t seen as value for money is all about perception. Most of these products are made with relatively cheap ingredients and via largely traditional manufacturing/production processes, yet are charging a huge premium for their consumption. It is worth noting that aside from the protein bar, none of the above products offer much in the way of specific health benefits; they are just accepted at the price point they are offered. 

Lo-Dough is different. It is both supremely low in calories and carbs and yet conversely, is the basis for all manner of incredible tasty meals, of the kind that would normally be off the menu on any kind of diet. 

low carb bread

Now that we can all see why Lo-Dough costs what it does and where it’s value lies, onto the important question…

Where can I buy Lo-Dough?

Lo-Dough is available from our dedicated online shop. For maximum benefits and the best price, taking out a no-strings-attached, cancel anytime subscription, is your best bet. 

Also, for exclusive offers and great free content, news and recipes, you should sign up to our mailing list via our home page.

Beyond our own site, we are also available on Amazon and at around 200 Holland and Barrett stores across the UK, as well as their website

We also have a list of some our independent retail stockists here

The team here love the product we sell and though we are looking to constantly improve our product and process and also lower costs for the end user, we believe that our unique product is worth every penny. If you are looking to eat delicious, indulgent and dare we say it, naughty tasting food while enjoying a healthy, happy lifestyle, then Lo-Dough holds endless value for you.