Easy One Pot Meals — Healthy Family Recipes

Easy dinner ideas to feed a crowd

You can use our Original Lo-Dough Bases and our Southern Style Coating to make the most incredible, comforting, healthy one pot meals. The recipes are quick and easy dinner ideas; perfect for putting in the oven and forgetting about. Easy to scale up, all these recipes are perfect for healthy family meals or meal prep—you can serve to a crowd or make ahead and freeze portions; the choice is yours. In these colder months, nothing quite beats coming home to a pot of something tasty. Whether it has been made ahead and reheated, or left in a slow-cooker/low-oven, one-pot food is something we all crave at this time of year.

Low calorie lasagne slice

Healthy One Pot Meals

We’ve got meaty mains and vegetarian one pot meals in the list below. No matter which you choose, they all make for excellent healthy meal ideas. Don’t let the longer cooking times dissuade you; these meals are minimal-fuss affairs and perfect if you are in a bit of a lazy mood or busy with other tasks—get them prepped up, in the oven and walk away. Keeping carbs and calories down isn’t just for January, or in the months ahead of summer - for some it’s an all year pursuit, so don’t get caught out by comfort food. 

Low-Carb One Pot Meals

By swapping out the carby elements of family meals (pastry, potato, pasta, etc) out for Lo-Dough, you can reengineer the nutritional properties of the dish, turning them into amazing healthy dinner ideas. Check out the recipe suggestions below. 

On Plan Lasagne 

This incredible low-carb lasagne is easy to make; simply swapping the pasta for rolled Lo-Dough will make a huge difference to the carb content. 

low carb lasagne

Creamy Mushroom and Spinach Lasagne 

This veggie lasagne is every bit as good as its meat counterpart, but even lower in calories.

Rainbow Veg and Chorizo  

A brilliantly tasty recipe that uses the Southern Style Coating as part of a crunchy and flavoursome, low-carb bread crumb topping.

Vegetarian Gratin Tray Bake 

This creamy veggie gratin is delicious and surprisingly low in calories.

Mixed Fish Gratin  

Seafood lovers assemble! This low-carb take on a fish pie is an amazing recipe to have up your sleeve.

Seasonal Squash Gratin 

Perfect seasonal food. While they are at their very best, you want to be enjoying squashes and pumpkins. Healthy and versatile.

Stew with Mustard & Herb Dumplings 

Our dumplings are packed with flavour, but incredibly low in both carbs and calories. Simple and substantial. 

Chilli Con Carne 

A firm family favourite and one that can be paired with Lo-Dough — Skip the rice and keep the carbs down!

Low Carb Bread & Butter Pudding  

For those with a sweet tooth, this is a delicious dessert and easily scalable for bigger numbers. You won’t believe how low-calorie this one is when you taste it!