Easy Meals Prepped For The Days Ahead

Simple, low-calorie meals for time-stretched people!  

Midweek, all we want is simple, unfussy food. The easiest solution to that is a ready meal, or something plain and boring. Sadly, that means, higher calories and carbs, hidden sugars and often, disappointing flavour. 

So, ok, Lo-Dough isn't a ready meal, but we have some recipes that are so simple, they might as well be. Short ingredient lists, short cooking times, low-in-calories and carbs, but LONG on flavour, you really can make it with Lo-Dough.

Burrito fillings 

Another hack is to get ahead. Use some time at the weekend to make a large batch of our lasagne. Your oven will do most of the work any way. It's one of those meals that tastes better reheated and can either feed a crowd or be portioned up and frozen for easy meals. 

In this blog we've compiled some of our easiest, tastiest recipes that you can have prepped and cooked in minutes. In many cases, most of those minutes will be spent in the oven, while you get on with other things. This is convenience cooking without the calories. 

Low calorie pizza


If you don't know by now that Lo-Dough makes the most incredible low-calorie pizza base, then you'd best catch up quick! Check out some of these amazing pizza options, including a super tasty garlic bread that will blow you away. 5-10 mins prep and under 10 mins cooking for all. Not too shabby.

For some pizza inspiration check out our 10 Best Low Calorie Pizza Recipes.

Low carb lasagne


Lo-Dough makes a great replacement for pasta sheets in a lasagne. By making that simple swap you are removing a vast amount of the carbs and thus reducing the calories. Our family lasagne needs nothing more than a simple salad on the side to make for a perfect meal.

Keep the carbohydrates down with our tasty Low Carb Lo-Dough Lasagne.

Healthy burritos


A simple Tex-Mex staple, boil up some rice, fry up some spiced meats/veg, add a few toppings and wrap it all up in a piece of Lo-Dough. Couldn't be simpler and tastes... incredible. 

Whether you're a meat eater or vegetarian we've got you covered with our Low Calorie Beef Burrito and Mixed Bean Veggie Burrito.

Low carb quiche lorraine


Quiche is such a simple preparation, followed by a thirty minute bake. We couldn't leave it out. The beauty of it is it can be shared or portioned up and eaten cold for breakfast/lunch, the next day. The fillings are up ti you, but we always recommend 4 eggs, 150ml creme fresh and a sprinkling of cheese on top. 

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