Lo-Dough Brownies - Make Them Your Own

Brownies Made With The Lo-Dough Brownie Mix Can Be Personalised To Your Heart's Content

The Lo-Dough Brownie Mix makes nine brownies, with each portion coming in at 65 calories, 3.7g of carbs and 8.1g of fibre. This gives you endless scope for customising, personalising and generally experimenting with exciting flavour combinations, without having to worry about the macros going through the roof. 

A simple way of customising your brownies is to add flavourings. Check out a handful of options below - From caramel to vanilla, orange to coffee, all of these will work brilliantly with the chocolaty flavour of your Lo-Dough Brownie. A cheeky drop of Irish cream might not go down too badly either!

brownie flavourings

Another way of sprucing up your brownies is to decorate them after they have baked. Have a look at some of the ingredients below - sprinkles, nuts, dried fruits - all of these add a great taste and textural addition to a brownie. The best way to get them to stick is to melt a little of your favourite chocolate and drizzle finely over the brownies. While the chocolate is still cooling, throw over your decorations - the chocolate will act like glue (as well as adding an extra chocolaty flavour!). Additionally, you could add any of your favourite low-sugar syrups and these would act as your 'glue' in a similar fashion. 

If your diet requires you to have more fat (keto), you can add melted butter, cream, mascarpone or whole milk in place of some of the water.

chocolate ingredients

On a hot day, we wholeheartedly recommend slicing your brownies in half and putting in a spoon of your favourite low-cal ice-cream, frozen yoghurt or even sorbet. 

brownie ice cream sandwich

Finally, you can add your favourite fresh or dried fruit straight into the mix, before baking. Cherries work well, as do raspberries. Pear is a surprisingly nice pairing with chocolate as are dried apricots and dried prunes. It really just is a case of going with your gut and throwing in whatever you like!

raspberry brownies  

Now you've bought your mix, have a go at dressing them up to suit your own taste - and don't forget to share your own unique creations with us on Instagram and Facebook, so we can share the inspiration with 1000s of others!