Lo-Dough Weekly Meal Plan | High Fibre

Easy High Fibre Meals For Your Weekly Inspiration

For World Digestive Health Day, we're providing a High Fibre Lo-Dough Meal Plan to make sure you're hitting those daily fibre targets with ease. Did you know that in the UK, it's recommended that an adult consumes 30g of fibre a day as part of a healthy diet? In every Lo-Dough Original Base, there's 9.3g of fibre so it's never been easier to make sure your diet is high in fibre to lower the risk of health issues such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

High fibre meal plan

Keto Chicken Burrito

Monday Dinner: Low-Carb Chicken & Cauli Rice Burrito (13g fibre)

We've come up with a brilliant, super low-carb burrito recipe for those of your following a low-carb diet, that's absolutely packed with fibre.

Full Recipe: Low-Carb Chicken & Cauli Rice Burrito


Lemon Drizzle Cake Bar

Tuesday Afternoon Snack: Lemon Drizzle Fudge Cake Bar (16g fibre)

We know first-hand how hard the afternoon slump hits sometimes. To pull you out of it and keep you satisfied throughout the rest of the day, one of our cake bars with your favourite brew is the perfect solution. Under 150 calories and 2g sugar for a massive cake bar, which is packed with gut-friendly fibre. 

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Low carb bacon and cheese toastie

Wednesday Breakfast: Low-Calorie Bacon & Cheese Toastie Pocket (9g fibre)

We all need a few simples recipes we can reach for...  easy breakfast, quick lunches, etc. This Lo-Dough toastie pocket is just the kind of think. 1 piece of Lo-Dough, some cheese, some cooked bacon and a little spray oil are all you need to get this delicious treat onto your plate.

Full Recipe: Low-Calorie Bacon & Cheese Toastie Pocket

high fibre fishcake

Thursday Lunch: Low Carb Salmon & Cream Cheese Fish Cakes (16g fibre)

Salmon and cream cheese are a classic pairing, so we thought we'd partner them up in these incredible low-carb fishcakes. Where most fishcakes are bound with mashed potato, we used an egg and a piece of blitzed Lo-Dough, allowing us to keep the carbs right down. We then coated in our Southern style coating and baked... saving on calories, but still packing the finished fish cakes with incredible flavour.

Full Recipe: Low Carb Salmon & Cream Cheese Fish Cakes

Low calorie pizza

Friday Dinner: Low-Cal Four Seasons Pizza (10g fibre)

Losing weight and eating pizza has never been so deliciously easy. We're taking it back to the old school with this retro, four-seasons Lo-Dough low-cal pizza. Loaded with cheese and a variety of toppings, this is a fun and different fake-away for you to enjoy - as ever low on calories and low on carbs.

Full Recipe: Low-Cal Four Seasons Pizza

High fibre waffles

Saturday Breakfast: Lo-Dough Waffles & Mixed Fruit With NKD Living Syrup (10g fibre)

Cooking isn't just about flavour marriages. Certain products perfectly go together nutritionally too and for low-carb baking, combining the low-carb, fibre-packed powerhouse of Lo-Dough with the brilliantly low-sugar and sugar free products of NKD Living is one way ticket to healthy baking success. 

Full Recipe: Lo-Dough Waffles & Mixed Fruit With NKD Living Syrup

Low calorie brownies

Sunday: Low-Cal Cherry & Raspberry Brownies (8g fibre)

Our low-calorie brownie mix is the easy way to keep enjoying brownies while on a low-calorie or low-carb diet. Its also brilliantly customisable - as these cherry and raspberry brownies show! Cherries, raspberries and chocolate work together in perfect harmony here and making them couldn't be easier. 

Full Recipe: Low-Cal Cherry & Raspberry Brownies

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