Love Your Leftovers

Use Lo-Dough to turn your leftovers into something special!

Leftovers should be something to celebrate. Whenever cooking a large meal, rather than fret about portions and serving size, it can be easier to just go overboard and know you are going to create brilliant meals with the leftovers. What you do with them the next day might just surprise you! Quite often we tend to find getting creative with leftovers can produce something even better than the original meal they came from. 

Of course, many meals (or elements of those meals) can be blitzed down and turned into simple soups. While delicious, this can be a little bit cliched, so we'll be avoiding that here. Instead, we want you to turn your leftovers into something that is low-carb, low-calorie and high fibre using your Lo-Dough! 

Here are a few common meals/items you might create and some of the ways you might be inspired to turn the leftovers one meal into something new altogether. 

Spaghetti Bolognese

Leftover bolognese sauce makes for an amazing pizza, lasagne or sandwich filling. By serving the sauce with a Lo-Dough and some cheese, the calories and carbs are slashed, while keeping the rich flavour of the sauce alive!

Bolognese Pizza Recipe >

Lo-Dough Lasagne Recipe >

Pan sandwich Recipe >


Low Calorie Sandwich


Roast Chicken Dinner

Don't just reheat your roast dinner the next day - use the component parts to make something fresh and exciting! By swapping our ordinary pastry for a Lo-Dough base, you can create delicious Quiche and Pudding recipes which are really low carb and super high fibre

Roast Chicken & Broccoli Quiche Recipe > 

Chicken and Mushroom Pudding > 

Low Carb Dinner


Chilli Con Carne

Another classic meal - and one with loads of potential for something exciting the next day! It lends itself to endless recipes, but we've selected our favourite chilli-inspired meals below. 

Chilli Nachos Recipe >

Chilli Cheese Toastie >

Chilli Bowl Recipe > 

Low Calorie Nachos


Cooked Veg

You might actually want to steam or roast excess veg on purpose - they are great to have on standby in the fridge for 2-3 days.

Green Veg Pizza Recipe >

Veggie Asparagus Quiche Recipe >

Feta and Roast Veg Wrap Recipe >

Low-Carb Quiche



Any leftover fajita mix can be turned into a satisfying burrito wrap for lunch the next day or even a slightly 'out there' (but delicious) pizza topping. 

Chicken Burrito Recipe > 

Low-Calorie Fajita Pizza Recipe >

Low-Calorie Pizza


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