St Patrick’s Day Recipes | Brilliant Irish-Inspired Low Calorie Recipes.

Food Ideas For St Patrick's Day

If you are looking for low-calorie Irish-inspired food to celebrate with this St Patrick’s, then let Lo-Dough show you how you can transform hearty, tasty classics into diet-friendly winners, without sacrificing on flavour!

Low carb gluten free steak and guinness pie recipe  

Potatoes and carbohydrates - what can I replace potatoes with in my meals?

It’s a well trodden cliche, but one rooted in fact - many Irish meals contain or indeed, are based around potatoes. Think champ, colcannon, boxty dumpling, potato farls, potato breads and suchlike. All are delicious, no doubt, but for those trying to stick to a low-carb diet, these elements of the meal can be a problem. Similarly, the pastry lid on your steak and Guinness pie and the flour (and sugar) found in those delicious Irish cakes and treats we all love. 

Lo-Dough has come up with a number of fantastic swaps which will allow you to enjoy all your favourite Irish flavours, but without the pesky carbs, starches and sugars which can send you hurtling off your diet plan. Most incorporate Lo-Dough and we’ve even come up with a couple of great reduced carb potato replacement dishes - a celeriac gratin and some celeriac and Lo-Dough boxty dumplings. 

Low-Calorie and Low-Carb Irish-Style Recipes:

Steak and guinness pie

Low Carb Gluten Free Steak and Guinness Pie

Using Lo-Dough as a low-calorie pastry replacement, you can top your favourite pie filling and slash the calories and carbs of this hearty meal

Guinness zero chocolate cake

Low calorie gluten free guinness chocolate cake

Using zero-alcohol Guinness and Lo-Doughs Vanilla Sponge Mix, you can make this incredible low sugar chocolate cake recipe.

Lamb stew and dumplings

Low carb keto dumplings and stew

This take on an Irish stew - lamb and veg - is amazing served with our tasty and filling low-carb dumplings.

Celeriac gratin

Ok - so this one isn’t really Irish at all - probably more French in style if anything - but it works perfectly as a hearty low-carb side alongside any stew. 

Celeriac and Lo-Dough boxty dumplings

Our take on the potato-based boxty dumpling swaps the mash for Lo-Dough and the grated potato for celeriac. Sounds strange? Trust us - these were INCREDIBLE and perfect to serve at breakfast with all your grilled/fried favourites.