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Calorie Counting Carrot Cake

Calorie Counting Carrot Cake

A low calorie treat - sweet and simple

Type: BreakfastDessert Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorie

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Healthy Carrot Cake Under 300 Calories

This beautiful Lo-Dough dessert recipe is a definite favourite (and is so easy to make).

Carrots were a vegetable often used to bring natural sweetness to cakes during the prolonged period of food rationing during WWII, when sugar imports were significantly reduced.

In more modern times, it is still a golden ticket to enjoying natural sweetness, though this dish, in general, ends up being high in fat and sugars.

Lo Dough Carrot Cake 

So here's the really good news 

The Lo-Dough version of this dessert is actually 112 calories before you add the cream cheese icing and additional walnuts. Enjoy it without by all means, but we think you should go the whole hog and enjoy it in its entirety - for 252 calories.

Low-calorie desserts just got even better.