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Low-Calorie Pear & Almond Mug Cake

Low-Calorie Pear & Almond Mug Cake

Type: BreakfastDessert Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow fatVegetarian

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Low-calorie dessert anyone? Lo-Dough mug cakes are the perfect solution 

Lo-Dough - the bread alternative - is now also the ultimate breadcrumb alternative for a world of healthy, nutritious desserts, and these low-calorie mug cakes are a perfect example.

Mug cakes (yes, made in a mug) give you a breakfast, mid-afternoon or even dessert treat in minutes. By blitzing your Lo-Dough to a crumb and adding a few basic ingredients (an egg, a spoon of yoghurt, sweetener and some fruit/nuts/chocolate), you can have a moist sponge cake, cooked in the microwave in under 3 minutes. 

What's Lo-Dough?

Lo-Dough is actually many things, but in this case, it is a blitzed cake mix which replaces high-carb flour. It's virtually carb-free, and just 39 calories per piece, making sweet treats like mug cakes healthier than ever before. 

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Lo-Dough in the packet


In this recipe, we've gone with pear and almond - a timeless combination that works beautifully together. In a world where finding a perfectly ripe pear is a bit of a task, quickly microwaving the diced pear before adding it to the mix gets around this problem, leaving you with delicious, sweet & soft pear. The nuts add crunch and flavour - they can be added as they are, or toasted for even more nutty flavour. 

We've served ours with a side of yoghurt, half a raw sliced pear and a few extra nuts, intended to be served as a brilliant breakfast treat that supplies you nearly half of your daily fibre requirement. 

Pro Tip: Take the mixture in a mug to work with you - just cover with a piece of cling film. Somewhere mid-morning, blow your colleagues away with your microwaved breakfast, turned out of the mug, steaming and delicious!

Lo-Dough Pear and Almond Mug Cake

Inspired by Lo-Dough desserts?

Healthy Lo-Dough desserts don't stop with mug cakes. There are a ton of recipes where you can try cakes, desserts, and even cookies from the magic of Lo-Dough.

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