Lo-Dough’s mission is to change the world through better food. We believe in deliciousness and we believe in giving our bodies the best possible nutrition to perform the incredible range of biochemical functions necessary to feel great and to look great.

We understand that the majority of modern processed food has taken us away from our optimal, natural diet. A huge proportion of the food we now eat contains excessive refined carbohydrates that our bodies are simply not designed to consume on a regular basis.

We understand that many of our favourite foods contain far more calories than our bodies actually require and that many of these products are incessantly pushed on us by global brands trying to increase profit with little concern for our waistlines or our health in general. We’ve become dependent on foods that are having a negative effect on us and for many people breaking away from this way of eating is terribly difficult.

At Lo-Dough we believe in making it easy for people to eat delicious and convenient food that nourishes us in an optimal way without excessive calories. That’s why we developed our groundbreaking product.

Pizzas, kebabs, burgers, bacon butties and burritos. We love them, but all know they’re not the healthy foods we should be eating. When we look at all of these delicious foods there’s one thing that they all have in common.

That thing is bread. In each of these foods bread contributes 30-60% of the calories and up to 90% of the refined carbohydrates that raises our blood sugar, promoting the insulin response that tells our body to store the excess calories as body fat. Remove the bread and we slash the calories and eliminate fat depositing blood sugar surges.

We’ve found an incredible way to replace the bread in all these foods without compromising on deliciousness or the eating experience that we all love. Lo-dough contains 80% less calories and due to it being virtually carb free, it doesn’t contribute to raising blood sugar at all, it feels like bread and tastes like bread – but your body doesn’t treat it like bread.

Pizzas toppings can be perfectly healthy and indulgent. Quality cheese, vitamin rich tomato passata, protein packed meat and nutrient dense fresh vegetables makes for a balanced combination of macronutrients. Pizza made with Lo-Dough is a virtuous revelation.

Kebabs consist of hot meat, fresh salad and flavourful sauces all wrapped up in a calorie overloading flatbread. Replace this bread with Lo-Dough and kebabs can finally realise their potential as one of the best ways of consuming a perfect combination of protein rich flavoursome meat, salad and delicious sauces that provide the right amount of healthy fat your body and brain need to function at their very best.

Mexican food is similarly transformed by Lo-Dough. Tacos, burritos, quesadilla and fajitas all use a carb heavy insulin spiking tortilla to carry the delicious, healthy and balanced fillings to your mouth. Lo-Dough makes eating Mexican a daily pleasure instead of a guilty treat.

Bacon and egg breakfast toasties with brown sauce. Folded flavoursome calzone. Philly cheese steak. Roast beef and honey mustard rolls. Souvlaki. Lahmucan. Chimichanga. Banh Mi. Duck and Hoi Sin. Full flavour, filling and balanced. Lo-Dough changes everything, the revolution is now.