What is Lo-Dough? (new)

Lo-Dough is different, a truly original and modern food innovation from the north of England.

It’s a bread alternative with 50-70% less calories than most traditional bakery products.

It can be used as a tortilla style flat bread, a soft sandwich thin, naan bread, pizza bases, grilled cheese... all sorts. 

What makes our product truly unique is that it is both incredibly low in carbs and gluten free. Most gluten free products contain more carbs than their glutinous counterparts. It’s made with just protein and fibre using a unique recipe and production process, and best of all it tastes and feels just like eating soft white bread.

When cutting calories or following a low-carbohydrate diet, bread is one of the main things people find difficult to cut out. By using Lo-Dough instead of traditional bread products, kebabs, pizza and burritos become dishes that fit into a balanced and nutritious diet.

To find out more read our manifesto.