Beat the Bloat: Our top 5 tips for squeezing into your LBD this party season.

Ready to squeeze into your LBD this festive season? Whether you’re looking to dig out an old trusty favourite or ready to celebrate your latest weight loss goal by purchasing a brand new one, here are our top tips on how to slink into that little black number for this Christmas party season.

With just weeks to go until the big Christmas dinner comes out, moderate fasting is the only way to reach your target weight quickly. For the next two weeks, we would recommend giving up alcohol, ditching the carbs and drinking plenty of water. Not only will this give you a head start in avoiding the big Christmas pile on (an average 7 lbs) but it will help you to look and feel fabulous in your LBD ahead of party season.

1. Ditch the carbs

The first 2-4 weeks on a low carb diet will see the pounds magically drop off: Perfect for a quick LBD fix. Because extra glucose is usually stored in your liver, and other bodily areas for later use, ditching the carbs will lower your insulin levels which will, in turn, encourage the body to burn your stored fat for energy. 

Goodbye excessive carbohydrates. Hello LBD bloat free gorgeousness.

2. Drink plenty of water

It goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Grab yourself a big bottle of water and whenever you feel hungry pour yourself a glass (or two). Not only will your skin thank you for it (hello glowing skin!) but drinking water actually reduces excess water retention, so within two weeks (give or take) you’ll notice a big difference in your swag.

3. Say goodbye to the two deadly S’s (sugar & salt)

Sugar and spice don't always equate to all things nice, especially when it comes to fitting into your LBD. Sugar is the number one enemy when it comes to weight loss: Your body stores the white stuff into your fat cells for later use whilst too much salt can increase water retention and cause temporary weight gain.

4. Avoid alcohol until the big night out

Surely one little glass can’t hurt, can it?
In the majority of cases (at least from a calorific perspective), one bottle of red wine equates to a trip to Mcdonalds, and we all know that one glass usually leads to two, or three…

If lager is your poison then you may be shocked to discover that one pint (yes, just ONE!) equals 17g of carbs. Its called ‘beer belly' for good reason.

Alcoholic drinks are sneaky calorie smugglers. They quickly pile on the lbs without you noticing (or indeed, remembering!) so cut it out for the next couple of weeks and save your drinks for the party night when you’re looking totally FABULOUS in that dress.

4. Get plenty of sleep

Research shows that the biggest spike in fat burning hormones occurs during deep sleep: Sleep deprivation can play havoc on your metabolism, making it harder for your body to process insulin, so getting plenty of sleep plays a huge role in your LBD weight loss strategy. Aim for at least 7-8 hours for a good night’s sleep.

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