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The Lo-Dough Cookbook Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Two full colour recipe books packed with revolutionary recipes and easy-to-follow hints and tips to help you use your Lo-Dough.

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Spicentice Persian Kofta Spice Mix

Enjoy the taste of this traditional Middle Eastern dish at home. Simply combine mince meat of your choice with this special mix of herbs and spices. Grill or barbecue and serve with Lo-Dough for a low carb dining experience packed full of Persian flavours.


Spicentice Doner Kebab Spice Mix

Create a healthy and delicious Turkish Doner Kebab with this mix of 100% pure herbs and spices from Spicentice. Team with a Lo-Dough base to make it extra low carb and low cal whilst still getting that authentic shawarma taste at home.


Spicentice Tikka Sizzler Spice Mix

Perfectly blended Spicentice Tikka Sizzler Spice Mix made of 100% pure herbs and spices. Foolproof way to get that Indian takeaway taste at home. Serve on a Lo-Dough for the lowest calorie version of this restaurant classic.


Spicentice Katsu Curry Spice Mix

Wok from home and enjoy Asian food inspired by the flavours of Japan with this Spicentice Katsu Curry Spice Mix. Team with our Southern Style Coating for the ultimate low calorie version of this delicious and decadent dish.


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