Our Story

We love good food. We’re talking about the most comforting foods: pizza, kebabs, pastries, desserts—you name it. Foods commonly seen as indulgent or unhealthy.

Back in 2015, founders Rob & Ben had a conversation that started a journey.

Lo-Dough Four Seasons pizza

“Wouldn’t it be great to eat pizza and lose weight?”

Only weeks later, Ben had created the first prototype on his kitchen table. Fusing fibres and proteins, and making a unique breakthrough in food process technology. After setting up an R&D kitchen in Rob’s garage, they perfected Original Lo-Dough Bases—our first product. We’ve been growing ever since and we are now bringing food freedom to hundreds of thousands from our small factory in Rochdale, in the north of England.

Anyone who has tried to go on a diet knows that feeling when you’re missing out on your favourite foods. We believe in making the impossible possible. We’re driven by the delight and relief of people who have discovered the freedom to eat the foods they love while still being happy and healthy. Nobody should have to miss out.

Check out our range of low-calorie, low-carb, high fibre foods, designed to suit many special dietary needs.

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