How to use Lo-Dough

Original Lo-Dough Bases are a game-changing, innovative food product which is primarily used as a pizza base and a bread and pastry alternative. They can be used to make so many different dishes, including pizza, quiche, cakes, wraps, pies, pasties, brownies, cheesecake—and much more.

It's a bread replacement like no other. It's high in protein, high in fibre, gluten-free, and 39 calories per piece.

When used as a pizza base, it allows you to make a pizza that can come in at as little as 250 calories and just 5 carbs.

Crisping Lo-Dough

⚠️  Crisp up Lo-Dough in a pan, and not under the grill or in a toaster ⚠️  

Lo-Dough can be browned off if you fancy a change in the texture and appearance. Please do not toast Lo-Dough in a toaster. It doesn't behave like normal bread and will burn far too quickly. In very rare cases it has been shown to damage the toaster.

Lo-Dough as a pizza base

The most popular and most simple use of Lo-Dough is as a pizza base. Everyone loves pizza, but the calories and carbs involved can be horrifying if you're watching what you eat (A standard supermarket frozen pizza is around 900 calories and 70 carbs). To get the most out of your Lo-Dough pizza experience follow these simple tips:

  1. (Optional) If you like your base on the crispier side, try gently frying the Lo-Dough in a little spray oil prior to topping it. Simply brown it off over a medium-high heat in a non-stick frying pan, this usually takes 30 secs to a minute each side.

  2. Top your pizza smooth side up. Use passata/pizza sauce, not tomato puree. We find passata makes for the best base. Tomato puree is too thick and dry and can burn in the oven. If you’ve only got puree available, try diluting it slightly with some water first.

  3. Make sure to spread your sauce right to the edge of the base. Exposed Lo-Dough will dry out in the oven, so it is best to keep it fully covered with whatever topping you are using, e.g. passata, curry sauce, cream cheese, etc.

  4. A great way to make your pizza as nutritious as possible is to get plenty of vegetables on there. Red onion, black olives, mushrooms, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, courgettes and artichoke are our favourites.

  5. Preheat your oven to approx 220C (Gas 7) and cook on the oven bars, a tray or wire mesh. Ovens vary, so keep an eye on your pizza the first time you cook one. It could range anywhere between 6 and 10 minutes for a perfectly cooked Lo-Dough pizza. Once you've made one, you'll know best how your oven works for Lo-Dough pizza.

Making breadcrumbs with Lo-Dough

Lo-Dough can be blitzed to make breadcrumbs.

Blitzing your Lo-Dough to crumbs opens up a world of new culinary opportunities. Everything from low-calorie chocolate brownies to savoury fritters, a crumb coating to the biscuit crumb for a cheesecake.

Making toasties with Lo-Dough

Have you got a sandwich press? Well, dig it out from the back of the cupboard and dust it off, because Lo-Dough lets you breathe new life into these often neglected kitchen contraptions.

You can make a great quick and easy toastie in a sandwich press by filling one side of a Lo-Dough with cheese (plus other tasties such as onion, pesto, tomato etc.) and folding in half and sitting in the press until golden brown and melty. Experiment!

Ways to fold your Lo-Dough to make toastie parcels

Making sandwiches with Lo-Dough

Nothing beats the simple things in life and what could be much simpler than a melting cheese and ham sandwich made in a pan? This takes just minutes to prepare and makes a great lunchtime treat or simple supper. Ideal if you don't have a sandwich press.

See full recipe and instructions for the ultimate Lo-Dough pan sandwich.

Preparing leftovers with Lo-Dough

The folded wraps and pouches described above are perfect for leftovers. Take leftover chilli, stew, bolognese etc. and wrap it into delectable low carb flavour pockets. Whack them in a sandwich press or bake in the oven for a hot and tasty low calorie snack that's ready in minutes.

Making homemade pasties with Lo-Dough

Lo-Dough can be sealed together using either water, egg, or even a little cream cheese.

Take a piece of Lo-Dough and fill with whatever you like eg. a meaty sauce, cheese and beans, chilli con carne. Then, with a pastry brush or even just your fingers, wet around the edges. Fold the Lo-Dough in half like a Cornish pasty and squeeze the edges together firmly between your fingers.

The Lo-Dough will stick together making a strong seal ready to be cooked. Egg wash, place in the oven and bake at 180C for 30-35 mins, turning and egg wash again part way through. Delicious, hot pasties with a fraction of the calories have just become a reality!