How to use Lo-Dough

1. Lo-Dough is ready to eat straight from the packet.

Even though Lo-Dough has the word ‘dough’ in the name, it’s already cooked and ready to eat, no need to bake. The simplest way to experience its incredibly soft white bread like texture is to eat Lo-Dough without any form of cooking. Make a sandwich as you would with a loaf of bread or sandwich thins. Simply cut into quarters to make lovely triangular pieces perfect for butties. Cheese and ham, turkey and cranberry, and roast beef and horseradish are all great slimming options.

2. Flavour is king, let Lo-Dough be the carrier.

When using Lo-Dough to make deliciously healthy dishes, see it as a flavour carrier rather than the main event. Lo-Dough is designed to be as low in calories and as neutral in flavour as possible. Think about big bold flavours that can be conveniently brought together in manageable, convenient dishes. You’re saving so many calories by simply using Lo-Dough that an extra dash of hot sauce, mayonnaise or slice of full flavour cheese can be easily accommodated on many eating plans.

3. Crisp up Lo-Dough in a pan and NOT under the grill or in a toaster.

Lo-Dough can be browned off if you fancy a change in the texture and appearance. Please DO NOT toast Lo-Dough in a toaster though. It does not behave like normal bread and will burn far too quickly. In very rare cases it has been shown to damage the toaster. 

The single BEST way to brown Lo-Dough is in a frying pan. Take a pan that's big enough, 9inches (22cm), and spray with FryLight. Fry each side over a medium-high heat for 10-30 secs each side until it just starts to brown. Lo-Dough is not like normal bread and can go from brown to burnt quickly so, just keep turning it until it's just right. Because Lo-Dough is incredibly light and airy, if you bake Lo-Dough in the oven without toppings it will dry out before it goes brown. However, a brilliant Lo-Dough garlic bread can be made by spreading with garlic butter, adding a sprinkle of grated cheese and popping it under a hot grill for just 2 mins. 

4. Lo-Dough pizza making tips.

Everyone loves pizza, but the calories and carbs involved can be horrifying if you're watching what you eat. To get the most out of your Lo-Dough pizza experience follow these simple tips.

  1. If you like your base on the crispier side, try gently frying the Lo-Dough in a little spray oil prior to topping it. Simply brown it off over a medium high heat in a non stick frying pan, this usually takes 30 secs to a minute each side. Be careful not to burn the Lo-Dough as it can quickly go from brown to burnt.
  2. Use a quality passata NOT tomato puree, we find passata makes for the best base. Look for ones with a touch of Italian herbs and olive oil. Tomato puree is too thick and dry and can burn in the oven. If you’ve only got puree available, try diluting it slightly with some water first.
  3. Make sure to spread your tomato passata right to the edge. Lo-Dough pizza is all about enjoying delicious toppings on the lowest calorie base ever created. Make the most of the space and take it to the edge.
  4. Add more flavour to your tomato base by using a rich pasta sauce. We’ve found that by using a tomato based pasta sauce instead of or even together with passata you can get even more flavour into your Lo-Dough pizza without adding too many calories.
  5. Think veggie. A great way to make your pizza as filling and nutritious as possible is to get as many vegetables on there as possible. Red onion, black olives, mushrooms, sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes, courgettes and artichoke are our favourites. Think veggies before meat and your pizzas will be even more guilt-free and nutritious. A drizzle of smokey hot sauce or spots of pesto can also bring a pizza to life.
  6. Use a pizza stone. Lo-Dough works incredibly well baked on a pizza stone. These are readily available and can be used to really crisp up your base and give a true pizzeria finish to your creations. Lo-Dough also works a treat in wood-fired pizza ovens, so don't miss out if you're at a pizza party with a lovely wood-fired oven.

5. Lo-Dough toasties are a thing.

Have you got a Breville or a George Foreman? Well, dig it out from the back of the cupboard and dust it off, because Lo-Dough lets you breathe new life into these often neglected kitchen contraptions.

To use in a Breville
Cut pieces of Lo-Dough into rectangles that are the right size for your sandwich toaster, butter the outside (or spray with FryLight) and load with your favourite fillings. You’ll find Lo-Dough cooks up a treat and can take even more filling than regular sliced bread. Our favourite is Emmental and Spicy Nudja sausage paste, but good old cheese and beans still rocks.

To use in a George Foreman
You can make a great quick and easy toastie in a George Foreman or similar sandwich press by filling one side of a Lo-Dough with cheese (plus other tasties such as onion, pesto, tomato etc.) and folding in half and sitting in the press until golden brown and melty. Experiment with getting creative on the type of fold you create. Lo-Dough has the wonderful quality of being able to be sealed together using just water! Simple moisten the edges and firmly press together for a few seconds. The Lo-Dough will stick together and the seal will strengthen further once cooked (see 7 for more about this).


Here are some ideas on how to fold your Lo-Dough to make toastie parcels.

6. Lo-Dough and leftovers.

The folded wraps and pouches described above are perfect for leftovers, take leftover chilli, stew, Bolognese etc... and wrap into delectable low carb flavour pockets. Whack them in a sandwich press or bake in the oven for a hot and tasty low calorie snack that's ready in minutes. We've been known to make a whole batch of them and keep them in the fridge for a tasty grab and go snack as you're heading out the door or use them as a convenient lunchbox filler.

7. and finally... Lo-Dough pasties and bakes!

Another incredible property of Lo-Dough is that it can actually be sealed together using just water. Take a piece of Lo-Dough and fill with a splodge of whatever you like eg. meat and potato, cheese and beans or chilli con carne etc... Then, with a pastry brush or even just your fingers wet around the edges. Fold the Lo-Dough in half like a Cornish pasty and squeeze the edges together firmly between your fingers. The Lo-Dough will stick together making a strong seal ready to be cooked. The best way to cook these remarkable Lo-Dough pasties is to bake them in the oven wrapped in foil. We get the best results when we spray them in a little FryLight, give them a crack of pepper and loosely wrap them in foil. Pop the foil wrapped pasty in on a baking tray and bake at 180C for 30-35 mins. Delicious, hot pasties with a fraction of the calories have just become a reality!


Enjoy. Team Lo-Dough.

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