Best Gluten Free Pancakes | Easy Pancake Recipes

How to make Lo-Dough gluten free pancakes 

Can you eat pancakes if you’re GF? Absolutely! There are several options available to you, using all manner of different types of Gluten-free flour. Alas, very few of these options (almond flour, buckwheat, oat flour, etc) are low in carbs and calories and in some cases prove to be more calorific than regular flour. That's where Lo-Dough comes in. Use a blitzed up LD base as a flour replacement to make GF pancakes, waffles, fritters and more, without the calories and carbs. Simple ingredients, low calorie, gluten free food. What more could you want?

Gluten free American pancakes 

The key to low calorie, gluten free Scotch pancakes (or American-style pancakes - they are basically the same thing) is to use your Lo-Dough crumb whipped up with eggs, milk, sweetener and a touch of baking powder. You are trying to create a thicker mixture that will rise more in the pan, giving you that classic looking pancake the can be stacked up with tasty goodies.

gluten free pancakes with raspberries

Gluten free flour replacement

To create your gluten free flour replacement, simply tear your Lo-Dough base up into roughly inch sized pieces and throw in your food processor. A quick whizz should turn your base into a fine flour-like breadcrumb.

Can I make keto pancakes? Slimming friendly pancakes? 

Of course you can. For slimming pancakes and keto pancakes, the recipes basically remains the same - the difference will be the cooking medium. Slimmers need to use their trusty 1 cal spray oil, while those following a keto diet/lifestyle should cook their pancakes in gently foaming butter or any other fat of their choice. In both cases we recommend using a non-stick pan, but particular if going with 1-cal oil. Similarly, keep the pancakes around the size of your fish slice/spatula - it will be much easier to flip them!

Healthy Gluten free pancakes recipes 

GF Scotch Pancakes

gluten free scotch pancakes

The basic recipe - this is a root recipe that will help you make perfect gluten free American pancakes.

Low Calorie GF Fruit Pancakes


low calorie gluten free pancakes


A classic at breakfast - this serving suggestion will set your and your gut up for the morning. Fruit and probiotic yoghurt on high fibre pancakes that taste delicious and are gluten free? YES PLEASE.

Keto GF Scotch Pancakes with Bacon & Syrup


keto gluten free pancakes with bacon


We couldn't resist sharing this keto-friendly recipe for bacon and sugar free syrup with gluten free American pancakes. Yum!

GF Banana Pancakes


gluten free banana pancakes


Another winner is this irresistible gluten free banana pancake stack. It's the perfect start to a day and will satisfy the most ravenous of appetites (at least until lunch!).