Best Keto Pizza Rolls Recipes | Homemade Pizza Rolls

Keto Pizza Rolls Made Easy

While idly surfing the web for new foodie inspiration - particularly that of the pizza-based variety, you may have stumbled across the increasingly popular ‘Pizza Roll’. Originally known as Stromboli in Italian, these pizza rolls are a great alternative way of serving up pizza, with even more layers of flavour added. 

Unlike most (if not all) of the pizza rolls you’ll have seen Lo-Dough offers your keto pizza rolls - low carb pizza rolls that are stacked with all the same great flavours, but none of the starchy carbs found in a regular rolled-pizza base.

Low Calorie Lo-Dough Keto Pizza Rolls

Gluten Free Pizza Rolls

Indeed, far from being just keto, ours are also gluten free pizza rolls. That’s not to mention low calorie, high protein and high fibre. Indeed, our homemade pizza rolls are simple to make yet offer benefits to the end consumer no matter what diet they are following.

How To Make Pizza Rolls 

The secret to homemade pizza rolls is the egg wash at the end and half way through cooking - this creates a perfect golden brown, crunchy crust and adds another dimension of texture and flavour to your pizza experience. You can even sprinkle with herbs or chilli flakes after egg washing: Yet MORE flavour options.

Low carb keto ham and cheese pizza rolls

Once rolled and egg washed, bake in a hot oven or airfryer for approx 15-20 minutes. Your can re-egg wash about halfway through cooking to make an even more golden brown crust.

Making Keto Pizza Rolls 

Keeping down the carbs on a pizza is easy enough. We’d recommend avoiding onions and though a small amount of pizza sauce would be fine, if reaching close to your upper daily limit of carbs, you could try making a white (bianca) sauce base using creme fraiche or cream cheese instead. These are near enough sugar free and will handily supply you with more dairy fat, from which your metabolism will be sourcing its energy whilst in keto.. 

Easy Pizza Rolls Recipes 

Cold Cuts Ham and Cheese Keto Pizza Roll Recipe

Cold Cuts Keto Pizza Rolls 

You can't beat the combo of ham and melted cheese — and it works an absolute treat here in these crispy keto pizza rolls. 

Vegetarian keto pizza rolls

Vegetarian Keto Pizza Rolls

Who says pizza rolls can't be low calorie and keto friendly. These awesome vegetarian pizza rolls do just that.