11 Marvellous Mushroom Recipes

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are packed full of minerals and vitamins - like copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc and a number of B vitamins. 

They are delicious too, packed with meaty umami flavours and yet incredibly low in calories, and carbs. When it comes to varieties, there are a plethora of options, each offering their own distinct flavours and textures.  

Healthy Lo-Dough lasagne on a wooden table with a salad and dish

Simple Mushroom Recipes

Cooking mushrooms is super simple and quick. By driving away their natural moisture and caramelising the mushrooms over a high heat, you concentrate and amplify a mushrooms flavour, leaving you with something of a flavour bomb. These flavours are earthy, meaty and deeply savoury, making mushrooms a perfect replacement for meat in many vegetarian dishes. Included in our list below are seven (out of eleven) vegetarian mushroom recipes, perfect for meat free days or those of you who don’t eat meat at all. Similarly, within meat dishes, mushrooms can support and boost the meaty flavours in the dish, while lessening their calorific load.

What’s not to love? Check out our favourite mushroom recipes below; the kind of recipes that will always be invited to parties.

Cheese, spinach and mushroom Lo-Dough toastie

Brie, Spinach & Mushroom Toastie

This simple mushroom toastie recipe is the perfect quick fix lunch. Perfect on its own or served as an accompaniment to a hearty soup.

garlic mushroom Lo-Dough pizza slice on a black marble background

Garlic Mushroom Pizza

Garlic and mushrooms are perfect partners and this low-calorie, low-carb pizza shows this pairing off superbly. 

Ham and mushroom pizza on a wooden board with a pizza cutter

170 Calorie Ham & Mushroom Pizza 

A pizza stalwart, the combination of ham and mushroom is a favourite of pizza lovers. Make it with lo-dough and you can a mystifyingly low calorie pizza.

Lo-Dough stuffed mushrooms on a wooden board

High Fibre Stuffed Mushrooms

A beautiful replacement for meat on any plate, our stuffed mushrooms are crammed with flavour and yet, incredibly low in calories.

mushroom and pesto Lo-Dough pizza slices on a wooden board

Mushroom & Pesto Pizza 

A brighter, summery take on a mushroom pizza, this combination of mushrooms and pesto works a treat.

Stuffed mushroom Lo-Dough burger on a wooden board

Veggie Mushroom & Blue Cheese Burger

Low carb and low calorie burgers are hard to come by, but we’ve cracked it with this mushroom recipe. 

Lo-Dough french toast with creamy mushrooms and cheese on a decorative green plate

Mushrooms on french toast

Another creamy mushroom recipe, this savoury, low carb French toast recipe is a superb breakfast or indeed, main meal. 

Lo-Dough vegetarian katsu curry with breaded mushrooms and rice in a light bowl

Veggie Katsu

Asian flavours love mushrooms and this veggie katsu is the perfect case in point. Coat the mushroom with our low-carb bread crumb coating and you’ll have a perfect keto-friendly mushroom dish.