The Ultimate Low-Carb Bread Replacement... & More!

Low-carb bread-based treats and a whole lot more are all yours with the Lo-Dough range

When you think of a diet, what do you picture? 

Plain undressed salad? Check!

Bland-tasting, low-fat substitutes? Check!

Shakes? Check!

Tiny portions? Check!

A total lack of treats and indulgences? CHECK AND CHECK!

No wonder people often approach diets of all the enthusiasm of a barely woken sloth. None of this sounds particularly inspiring, does it?

Low Calorie Fried Chicken

Surely There's a Better Option?

Of course there is! It's right here - Lo-Dough. The ultimate low-calorie pizza base and low-carb bread replacement, the Brownie Mix and Southern Style Chicken coating are available in our store now. Do you want fully cheesed-up, rich and flavoursome pizzas for 300-500 calories and often less than 10g of carbs? Yeah you do! Lo-Dough gives you that and more. Do you want brownies that are full of rich choc chips for just 65 calories each and 4.1g of carbs? No doubt! Something to help you get that fried chicken fix, without all the trans fats and carbs? Yes please! 

Low Calorie Brownie

This is what Lo-Dough can offer you. Indulgence and culinary excitement. Something chocolatey to get you through the office afternoon. Rewarding treat-meals after a long day at work - and none of it will put a dent in your dieting goals. 

Don't let diets feel humdrum and pallid - diets can be fun, easy and full of all the foods you love - if you make it with Lo-Dough!  

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