How to Make the Perfect Pizza for Under 500 Calories

Indulge in the nation's favourite meal without the high calorie content. (Yes, really).

Dieting or watching the pounds? So is two thirds of the British population according to a recent report. Perhaps this means the end of the road for delicious pizzas.

Not with Lo-Dough it doesn't

In fact, what used to be a naughty Friday night treat involving over 1500 calories and post pizza regret, has now been beautifully transformed into a healthy and enjoyable ‘anytime’ meal, thanks to the Lo-Dough pizza revolution.


Lo-Dough is a new way of doing the foods you like without the calories, and it is already sweeping the nation. One piece of Lo-Dough (a pizza base, in this case), comes in at just 39 calories.

For perspective, that is less than an apple...

green apple

We’ve been so inspired by your Lo-Dough pizza creations on Instagram, that we wanted to make sure that everybody has the same amazing taste experience when making pizza with our product.  

Thus without further ado, we bring to you THE holy grail of pizzas.

Here's how to make the perfect pizza for minimal calories 

1. Olive Oil is King

For best results, add a liberal amount of high-quality olive oil to your piece of Lo-Dough and fry off on a medium heat for approx two minutes until it’s nicely browned. This adds a tasty crispy factor to your pizza.

 2. Make your own pizza passata sauce

 If you’ve got time to make your own passata pizza sauce, then we would highly recommend doing so. This recipe from Genius kitchen was truly delicious.

 Once your Lo-Dough is nicely browned off in olive oil, slather a load of your favourite sauce over the base, remembering to spread to the edges.

 3, Fresh, quality cheese & toppings

 Whether margarita is your favourite, or you can’t eat yours without a serving of pepperoni, the toppings are where things can start to get interesting. Go sparingly with the sauce and toppings so as not to overload the base.

For a Napoli style pizza, genuine buffalo mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes are a must. We like to add spicy lamb to ours, with organic onions, spinach and tomatoes. Don’t forget the fresh basil!

Here are the calories for a Napoli style, Margherita pizza

1 Piece of Lo-Dough 28g – 36kcal (1.8g carbs)

1 tbsp olive oil - 119kcal (0g carbs)

Homemade Tomato sauce 78g – 31kcal (4g carbs)

Buffalo Mozzarella cheese 100g – 280kcal (0.8g carbs)

San Marzano Tomatoes 25g – 18kcal (2 g carbs)

Total of 484kcal with 8.6g carbs


Take a look at the list of Lo-Dough pizza recipes 


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