Lo-Dough first EVER company awarded with 'reduced carb' certification from Sugarwise

Lo-Dough is proud to announce that it is officially a 'reduced carb' product, after being awarded with certification from Sugarwise.

This makes Lo-Dough the first ever company to receive an award of its kind, highlighting how innovative and unique it really is. Sugarwise, which is the international certification authority for sugar claims on food and drink, tested Lo-Dough in a special laboratory, and issued the official certification in July (2018).

One piece of Lo-Dough, which can act as a wrap, pizza base, quiche casing or pastry (amongst many other things) is virtually carb free, at just 2.2g per piece.

The Sugarwise certification comes at the perfect time, as a recent government report reveals how childhood obesity has reached a record high in the UK. Lo-Dough's reduced carb, low calorie innovation is allowing both children and adults to consume much less calories and carbs. Lo-Dough aims to challenge these issues directly, offering an alternative bread and pastry product which can be used to make a variety of foods, including low carb pizzas like the one below.

Lo-Dough makes a perfect pizza base with virtually no carbs in the base

Lo-Dough co-founder Ben Holden said: "Part of the work being done at Lo-Dough is to aid weight loss and help those that are struggling with issues such as obesity. To be recognised and awarded by an organisation as high profile as Sugarwise is so important to us."

Sugarwise founder and director Rend Platings claims that Lo-Dough deserved "as much recognition as possible" for it's unique and healthy food product.

She added: "Lo-Dough is an outstanding startup company which has produced a low carb food product like no other. At around three times less carbs than their closest competitors, it is possible to marry Lo-Dough with optimal nutrition, as well as staying extremely low in carbs and sugars. Lo-Dough not only meets the criteria set by Sugarwise, but they do so by a large margin.

"We are very happy to announce that Lo-Dough is the first ever company to receive the reduced carb certification, and we are sure they will continue to be successful with this unique low-carb alternative. "

All products that carry the Sugarwise marque must be low in sugars, meaning they must have no more than 10% of their calories coming from free sugars, or be no more than 5g of free sugars per 100g. To carry the Sugarwise marque, one of these criteria must be met. Lo-Dough meets both of the criteria.

About Lo-Dough

When Lo-Dough first started in 2017, it was little more than a tabletop experiment by inventor Ben Holden. Realising the potential in the initial batch, Holden quickly teamed up with business partner Rob Wales to develop Lo-Dough further. The company now employs over 30 staff, has 55,000+ customers and has seen huge success with its hundreds of healthy recipes, including low carb pizzas, pies, desserts and pastries.

The weight loss, fitness, and free-from markets have all been able to use Lo-Dough for their individual goals, as it gives them the leeway to still eat indulgent bread and pastry dishes - without the carbs.

Ben Holden continued: "The journey with Lo-Dough has been incredible, and we are so excited to receive this certification from Sugarwise.

"When I first developed the Lo-Dough prototype, I had no idea of the epic journey that would follow. We are making history here with low carb recipes which are changing the way healthy eating is done full stop.

"This certification shows that we are getting recognised and that our message is getting out there. I'm so excited for what's to come."

Co-Founder Rob Wales added: "What a journey. From Ben's kitchen table to a bakery in my converted garage it's been an amazing few years. I'm thrilled with the recognition from Sugarwise and would really like to thank them for acknowledging Lo-Dough and seeing it for what it is, a unique and innovative food invention."

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