Low Carb Lasagne Without The Pasta Sheets

Lasagne - The Ultimate Comfort Food

When talking about comfort food, it’s difficult not to put pasta near the top of the list. It’s delicious, you can create countless variations with it, and it’s the quick and easy meal we sometimes crave. However, if following a low carb diet, pasta is a dish which is often not an option. On a strict low carb diet, or ketogenic diet, it’s advised that you consume between 0-20g of carbohydrates per day. If following a moderate or liberal low carbohydrate diet, you’re body needs between 20-50g and 50-100g of carbs per day respectively. Pasta can contain anywhere from 30-70g carbs per 100g, which, for a keto diet, is too high in carbohydrates, and would take up the bulk of your intake on a more moderate low carb diet. 

Refined Carbohydrates

We aren’t saying carbs are the enemy. Some whole grains such as oats, rye and barley are rich in important nutrients, such as gut-friendly fibre, magnesium and zinc. However, not all carbs are equal. Refined carbs like white pasta and white bread have been processed and stripped of nutrition, thus you are getting the carbs, but no fibre. 

low carb pasta alternative

A Low Carb Pasta Alternative 

So, what are the best low carbohydrate pasta alternatives? Spiralised vegetables make healthy pasta noodle replacement and strips of aubergine and courgettes can be layered as a pasta sheets. Although undoubtedly good for you and packed in vitamins, these vegetables aren’t that rich in fibre, meaning they aren’t likely to fill you up for long. This is where Lo-Dough comes in. One of our Original Bases contains just 2g of carbohydrates and over 9g of fibreone-third of your recommended daily intake. By swapping out your standard pasta sheets for Lo-Dough bases, you can reduce carbs by almost 90%, while also providing your body with a boost in essential, gut-friendly fibre.

How To Make Our Low Carb Lasagne

Step 1: Roll out your Lo-Dough base

Lo-Dough base

Step 2: Make your lasagne sauce

Lasagne sauce

Step 3: Layer up your lasagne

Low carb lasagne sheet

Step 4: Bake your lasagne for 30-35 minutes at 180°C

Low carb lasagne

Step 5: Enjoy

Low carb lasagne

Try for yourself

Want to try for yourself? With our low carb lasagne recipe, you won’t miss the pasta sheets at all. By making yours with Lo-Dough bases instead, you can enjoy a big portion for just 300 calories and 8g carbs. Better still, you can freeze and reheat this recipe is you want to get ahead of the game with some low carb meal prep. Check out our ultimate low carb lasagne recipe here.

Low carb lasagne