Managing Type 1 Diabetes with Lauren

Read Lauren's account of her experience of managing Type 1 Diabetes and how her love for
Lo-Dough's products helped her on her journey

managing type 1 diabetes

'My name is Lauren (@laurenu_t1diabetic.weightloss) and I’ve been a Type 1 Diabetic since October 2001. I previously lost three stone with Slimming World and now I am focusing more on my calories and fitness levels to stay at a healthier weight and control my blood sugar levels. Throughout my life there have been many challenges I’ve had to work hard with to control my Type 1 Diabetes - the main one being my Dad's passing. This lead on to me joining Slimming World back in 2019, when I wanted to make myself into the healthiest version of myself that I could.
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Managing Type 1 Diabetes and inspiring others

I made my own Instagram page, telling my story and showing my transformations and successes with weight loss and fitness. Perhaps most importantly, it also showed how much I adore cooking by creating recipes which suited my insulin doses and fitness levels.

managing type 1 diabetes
I am a big gym goer and I like to constantly be on the move. This is when regular blood sugar checks are needed for my Diabetes control. I check my blood sugars up to 5 times a day depending on how active I am and I keep regular food and blood glucose diaries to keep up with how I’m doing.

Use Lo-Dough's range of products to hack your diet, lower your blood sugar and life a happier, healthier lifestyle

Throughout the past few years since I've been focusing on a healthier lifestyle. I have been made aware of loads of brands suitable for Type 1 Diabetics; one being the amazing Lo-Dough, a brand all about low carb and lower calorie products. Whether sweet or savoury, they have it all. 
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Keeping low-carb, low-calorie food exciting

Although I’m diabetic, I don’t make my food boring - I’ve always been creative throughout my life and cooking different recipes daily is something that I really enjoy. I make sure all my recipes are filled with colour using fruit, vegetables and salads, so it looks more eye catching to eat.
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If it wasn't for eating a healthier diet and doing a lot of fitness, I don’t know what I’d be like today. I’ve seen a big benefit in my daily Diabetes control just by eating more healthily and being more active - this includes the big decrease in my insulin doses, the amount of energy I now have and how motivated and passionate I am about keeping myself as healthy as possible.
managing type 1 diabetes
My healthier routine is something I will carry on for for the rest of my life.'