Miracle Cake Bars - The Ultimate Low Sugar Cake Bar

Lo-Dough's Miracle Cake Bar range provides rich, moist sponge cakes, layered with gooey toppings, wrapped in either white or dark sweetened chocolate. They are low in calories, low in sugars, low in impact carbs (the total carbs minus the polyols) and high in fibre. Fear not! They aren't some tiny, unsatisfying mini-snack bites. The cake bars are a chunky and satisfying 60g piece of business - guaranteed to fill the hunger gap in the most indulgent way possible.

This incredible low-sugar totals are achieved by using a blend of sweeteners and our core low-carblow-calorie baking ingredient; made with Lo-Dough technology. The bar's total carbohydrates are one thing, but when you deduct the polyols (most of the sweeteners) from this total, you get the low impact carbs for all of our bars. The impact carbs are the carbs that your absorbs during digestion. Most polyols simply pass through you. Needless to say, the carbs and polyols of our bars have been tested at accredited laboratories. Note: the impact carbs of a whole bar are perhaps a little too high for a keto diet, but we are working to produce keto friendly bars and products in the future.  

We are often asked about the sweeteners and ingredients we use. For example our bars contain maltodextrin. But this is only a component part of an ingredient used in a very small amount in our recipe. At this level, there are no dangerous impacts or concerns to be had about this ingredient. We also use sucralose in the chocolate flavour coatings. This ingredient has received some bad press, though none of it especially fair or justified, with many of the cited negative studies being inconclusive - particularly those relating to appetite simulation. It is simply used in very small amounts to replace the sweetness normally given by sugar. We recommend reading the NHS's take on this: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/are-sweeteners for a fuller explanation.  

As with all sweetened products, we simply note that excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

Thanks to the combination of ingredients used, our bars all come in at between 140 and 147 calories. Again - for a bar of this size - you might call it a miracle! Not only is is super low sugar and reduced calorie, but it's also incredibly high in gut-healthy fibre - containing around half your minimum daily recommended fibre intake. This fibre contributes to the filling effect of the bar alongside its size. Indeed, some people have been known to eat one half as their morning snack and save the other half to get them through the afternoon. Others can't resist the whole thing in one go. You be you - eat it any way you like. 

Speaking of which, just 30 seconds in the microwave turns our grab and go bars into low-sugar hot fudge cakes that will go perfectly with your favourite brand of low-cal/low sugar ice cream. Or why not dunk them in your tea/coffee, or chop them up into your smoothie bowl. Maybe have them with your morning porridge or just eat them after a light lunchtime salad to ensure you feel full for the rest of the day. It really is up to you.

Our miracle cake bars are the ultimate low-sugar snack for cake lovers and those with a sweet tooth. Don't believe us? Buy yours today from our online shop and try for yourself.