How to Feel Full on a Diet - When Light Salads Aren't Enough

Dieting shouldn't mean feeling hungry. Here's how to make sure you are losing weight yet feeling full...

Hunger is a stubborn beast. Anybody who has ever been on a diet, tried to cut calories or change their unhealthy eating habits will know of its powers once it decides to rear its head. And let's face it:

Sometimes a salad just doesn’t cut it.

All it takes is one stressful day; one little day where everything you’ve worked towards goes down the gutter.

Before you know it you find yourself binge snacking on everything in sight. The constant cravings, tummy rumbles and growls suddenly get too hot to handle, and we reach for the closest quick fix we can find.

Luckily, reigning in your belly growls isn’t so hard to do and better yet, it doesn't have to involve eating salad. What if we told you-you could eat a whole pizza to yourself without derailing your diet?

Enter Lo-Dough

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The big two rules for feeling full are fibre and protein, and because Lo-Dough is full of fibre, it helps to provide volume in your stomach which in turn promotes the feeling of being full.  Fibre takes longer to digest too, so you’ll feel fuller for longer.

With 9.3g of fibre and 2.6g protein in one piece of Lo-Dough, you’ll be able to eat a whole pizza for yourself and not regret a moment of it!.

What we’re talking about is an incredibly healthy, high fibre bread replacement that will keep you feeling full for a long time. Lo-Dough is only 39 calories and contains virtually zero carbs so get the oven on, bring out the passata and go wild.

Because you deserve more than just rabbit food.

You deserve pizza.

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