The Macro Friendly Pizza That Doesn't Involve Cauliflower

Low-Calorie & Low-Carb Pizza Without Compromise 

What gets your goat about the dieting world's attempts at diet-friendly pizza? There's certainly plenty of bugbears to choose from and we definitely know which ones bother us the most!

Stringy, not stingy!

Why don't we start with the measly amounts of toppings? This isn't even exclusive to diet-targeted pizzas. Right the way across the pizza industry you'll notice that manufacturers tend to be a little, well, stingy with the cheese. One way of keeping calories down on a pizza is simply to hold off on the mozzarella. 

Well, here at Lo-Dough, we think this is a travesty. When it comes to pizza, cheese is king. It's where all the flavour, indulgence and the moreish-ness resides. We recommend a minimum of 70g-75g mozzarella cheese on a pizza - which still only brings a whole cheese and tomato pizza made with Lo-Dough to somewhere around 290-300 kcal. 

Low-Calorie Pizza

Per Serving?

Speaking of whole pizzas, this is another thing that rubs us up the wrong way. When you buy a pizza, the reality is that you are going to sit and eat the entire thing. We guarantee that if you check out most pizzas calories per serving - they'll be suggesting you only eat half a pizza (or even less in some cases). That even goes for many so-called low-calorie pizzas. They're low-calorie because they are asking you to eat less of it!

At Lo-Dough, we don't do things by halves. A pizza is a pizza. The calories are for the whole thing. No ifs, no buts. 

Low-fat cheese? 

Fat is flavour - for dieters to eat a lower calorie pizza, something's got to give. In many diet-friendly options, it's the fat that gets reduced. This can have knock-on effects on the carbs - with sugars being added to compensate for the reduction in fat. But even more so, reducing fat can have a knock-on effect on the flavour!  

A pizza made with Lo-Dough and a proper portion of full-fat mozzarella can still come in at under 300 kcals. Why compromise on flavour with macros like that? 

Low-Calorie Pizza

Cauliflower... I thought We Were Having Pizza, Not Sunday Dinner!

There is nothing wrong with cauliflower in its own right and it has a place on many a dinner plate. But as the base for a pizza?

Puh-lease. If you're having a pizza, do you really want to be smelling the distinct whiff of your nan's overcooked cauliflower?   

Not for us! A Lo-Dough pizza base offers a soft, thin-crust dough texture that comes in far lower in carbs (2.2g per base) than any cauliflower crust anyway!

The Lo-Dough base, the rich sauce and plenty of real cheese - now that's a low-calorie pizza. When it comes to flavour, why compromise?