The revolutionary new way to approach New Year dieting.

This January, take your diet seriously while making your food fun...

The problem with most new year diets is salad. Now, here at Lo-Dough, we LOVE salad and we serve nearly everything with it. But salad on its own never quite fulfils. It’s the dullest, coldest month of the year and yet we find ourselves trying to force light, summery food down our necks, leaving all the hearty and comforting food as nothing more than a distant memory in the fog of the previous year.

Well, it’s time to think again. You can have whole pizzas, pies, pastries, puddings and plenty more, all for between 250 and 400 calories. Not low enough? How about the 180 calorie pizza? Or the 66 calorie cake? Lo-Dough does it all. Think oozing, stretchy cheese as you pull away a slice of pizza or hearty, gravy-filled pies, piping hot and ready for devouring. Maybe think steaming hot, sweet puddings that are ready in minutes or fit-to-bursting, indulgent kebabs and wraps, full of all your favourites. Don’t forget the salad or veg on the side - we’re certainly not advocating that you don’t need them - but don’t think that’s all you can have.

A Low-Carb Bread Alternative

Thanks to Lo-Dough, you can replace the filling, bready or starchy part of your meal for just 39 calories, 2.2g of carbs and next to no fat whatsoever. It means no refined, nutritionally worthless white-carbs, taking up real-estate on your plate. Indeed, each piece of Lo-Dough will actually give you nearly 10g of gut-healthy fibre, helping to fill you without the bloated feeling associated with white breads, doughs, and other such products. With Lo-Dough, you can re-imagine all your favourites right back onto the menu this January.

Lo-Dough is also gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and certified by Sugarwise for low-carb/low-sugar diets. Whether low-fat slimming or high-fat/low-carb keto, macro-conscious fitness or practically any other diet you can think of, Lo-Dough has the answers to each of your own unique dieting questions.

There is no place for the January food blues with this miracle product in your culinary armoury. So whatever your end-goals are this year, you can achieve them all and have fun on the way.


Lo-Dough Mug Cake 

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