Easy Low Calorie Baking Ideas (For Beginners)

Low calorie desserts couldn't be easier

Low-calorie baking and other sweet treats has never been easier thanks to Lo-Dough's range of products. Sugar, fat and high-carb flour are the triple threat found in most desserts and the reason we tend to steer clear if dieting for health or weight loss. With Lo-Dough, you can create your favourite cakes and bakes without the high fat, the high carbs and without the gluten. What's more, in place of that gluten, we've added fibre, fibre and more fibre.

Table of low calorie cakes with Lo-Dough brownie mixes

Low in Sugar, Big on Taste 

In fact, by losing the carbs and sugar, you can re-introduce tasty fats and a level you like in the form of toppings, sauces etc. With the Great British Bake Off back, now’s the perfect time to get your bake on. We've got everything you need to take inspiration from the show itself, without falling off plan. Bake it with Lo-Dough and stay on plan through this years show!

Low calorie cinnamon rolls dusted with icing sugarCinnamon Rolls

Our low calorie twist on cinnamon rolls. The perfect sweet snack and delicious with a dollop of ice cream. 

Melt in the middle chocolate mug cakeMelting Chocolate Mug cake

A melting chocolate pudding in just 3 minutes? You better believe it. Lo-Dough mug cakes are a quick and easy low calorie dessert you can whip up in a microwave 

Low calorie baked cheesecake with cake standBaked NY Style Cheesecake

This cheesecake is pure indulgence - without the calories. The chocolate base is made with our just-add-water brownie mix

Low sugar custard flan on cake standCustard Flan

This silky smooth egg custard flan is a perfect dessert through the year. 

White chocolate and raspberry brownies on a plateRaspberry And White Chocolate Brownies

Made with out low calorie brownie mix, these super sweet white chocolate and raspberry brownies are the ideal healthy snack for you lunchbox. 

Low calorie chocolate chip cookies Chocolate Chip Cookie

By blitzing up one of our Lo-Dough bases, you can use the breadcrumbs as a great low carb and gluten-free flour replacement - perfect for these low carb chocolate chip cookies. 

Slice of chocolate ripple cheesecakeBaked Chocolate Ripple Cheesecake

Chocolate lovers, feast your eyes on this. This baked chocolate ripple cake takes way more indulgent than it is. 

St Clements mug cake on a plateSt Clements Mug Cake

Like the chocolate mug cake above, this St Clements mug cake takes minutes in the microwave and is perfect for fruity cake lovers. 

Low calorie bread and butter mug cake with Lo-Dough baseBread And Butter Pudding

Think you can't enjoy bread and butter pudding on a low calorie, gluten free diet? Think again.