The 54 Calorie Cracker Bread

The 54 Calorie Cracker Bread

Microwave your Lo-Dough for the ultimate low calorie snack

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Put down the crisps - Lo-Dough is here to save the day with it's low calorie, low carb, delicious alternative. Follow our steps for the sauce and it will be just 92 calories for the entire thing.

We've posted a recipe for cracker-breads before, but after a bit of experimenting, we've discovered you can microwave Lo-Dough with a couple of other sprinkles to make delicious, low calorie, low-carb and high fibre (read: filling, satisfying) snacks.

For flavour and texture we have used some of Spicentice's ChimiChurri Rub and Eatlean's Protein Cheese Shaker. You could do this with grated parmesan and a spice mix of your own, but it wouldn't be quite the same - and definitely wouldn't have the same low-calorie quality. 

The 54 Calorie Cracker Bread

For a dip, we used some Nowt Poncy Arrabbiata Sauce with an addition of lime and coriander to make a simple salsa. Again, you could use a tomato passata, but we've loved Nowt Poncy's sauces ever since we first tasted them and as an added bonus, they are low calorie, low salt, low sugar... it sounds to good to be true right?

The whole snack, including the salsa is 92 calories. 

Get your rolling pin at the ready... that and the microwave is all you'll need.

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