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Bacon and Banana Pizza

Bacon and Banana Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorieLow carb

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Bacon & Banana Pizza Is Actually A Thing - and with Lo-Dough it's a real treat 

Believe it or not, banana is a common addition to pizza in Sweden. They actually do it with a curry style sauce on the base, but we thought we'd ease you in with this unusual pizza recipe... one step at a time. 

It's definitely a crowd splitter - 'Thank God it's a Lo-Dough pizza, because it wouldn't be worth the calories otherwise'. 

But that's just one man's opinion - some of the other guys at Lo-Dough towers thought it was actually pretty good, sort of like a Hawaiian (ham and pineapple), salty and sweet. It's also high in protein and fibre and only 404 calories, even with regular bacon!   

It definitely isn't gonna suit everyone - but it would be remiss of us not to feature it.

Bacon and Banana Pizza

Did you know? Lo-Dough is:

High fibre | fat free | low-carb | gluten free | dairy free | high protein | paleo | vegetarian | sugar free 


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