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Beetroot & Goats Cheese Pizza

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorieVegetarian

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Low Calorie Veggie Pizza Heaven

Ok, ok, so if you are a vegetarian, the chances are that you will have eaten beetroot and goats cheese in some kind of combination before, but we bet you've never had it as part of an under 300 calorie pizza!

Using Lo-Dough as an ever-trusty low calorie and low carb pizza base, you can allow yourself this rightfully classic combination in pizza form without an iota of guilt. We've lifted the flavours of this sweet beetroot and mild goats cheese with a little onion and a few capers, for some tang and some chilli slices for heat - but you can always leave these off if you prefer. 

Beetroot & Goats Cheese Pizza

Low fat pizza base with Lo-Dough

Meat-eaters, don't shy away either - when pizza tastes this good, you don't miss the meat at all.