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Chloe's Breakfast Burrito

Chloe's Breakfast Burrito

Type: BreakfastWraps Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carb

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A Serious Low-Carb Breakfast That Is Packed With Fibre

Chole Haskell (formerly Madeley) recently featured a couple of fantastic recipes using Lo-Dough in her book 'The Fat-Loss Blitz'. It was a bit of an honour to be featured and even better, we can now share these exclusive recipes on our site. This one is a perfect low-carb and high-fibre breakfast, albeit, you'll still feel like you’re indulging in the same way as a non-dieter would on a weekend morning.  

Breakfast classics - bacon, egg and tomato are teamed up with a nod to something a little more modern on a breakfast plate, the avocado. The mix is perfect - salty bacon, creamy avocado (full of healthy fats) and fresh acidic tomato, covered in beautiful, soft, scrambled egg. Oh yeah - nothing wakes you up in the morning like a splash of Tobasco - Chloe's recommendation and we love it!

Low-Carb Burrito

A Low-Carb and High-Fibre Burrito

By using Lo-Dough instead of a regular tortilla wrap to make your burrito, you drastically reduce the carbs and calories, whilst upping the fibre. Coupled with the tomatoes and the avocado - this breakfast will have you pushing on for nearly half your recommended daily fibre intake before you've even left the house.

Fibre is great for several reasons (gut-health, satiety, non-bloating) and Lo-Dough is packed full of it. Are you hitting your recommended 30g a day? 

We can't stress this enough: #makeitwithlodough

Top tip: To make your piece of Lo-Dough texturally closer to a tortilla wrap, we recommend flattening it with a rolling pin (or even a bottle would work). This pushes Lo-Dough’s fibres together, creating a slightly more dense feeling wrap and one that mimics a tortilla wrap perfectly, but without the carbs and calories, you would expect to find normally.