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Nutty Chocolate Dessert Pizza

Nutty Chocolate Dessert Pizza

Type: DessertPizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorie

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We've carefully chosen some renowned reduced-sugar and high protein products to create the ultimate dessert pizza. A sweet indulgent dessert pizza that offers a good amount of protein and fibre whilst keeping the sugar down wherever possible. 

IMPORTANT: You may not have all these products at hand and by all means, you can mix and match, or even use supermarket brands, though we've gone down the route of exploring good, affordable fitness products to see just how tasty a sweet chocolatey pizza can really be. 

We used:

  • A Lo-Dough base
  • Jim Jams Chocolate & Nut spread
  • A Barebells Caramel Cashew Bar
  • Some high protein PBfit peanut butter
  • A few extra adornments (see the full recipe below).

Chocolate and Nut Dessert Pizza

Given the nature of this sweet pizza, we recommend it as a bit of a one-off treat and as something you can share with friends and loved ones. The nutritional info below is per quarter. If any needs to be saved overnight, keep in a sealed container in the fridge - but amongst friends, we can't imagine this one making it through an evening. 

Lo-Dough as your low carb pizza base

Lo-Dough is a versatile product with many uses, but one of the most popular by far is as a low carb pizza base. And pizzas don't need to be loaded with cheese and savoury toppings, seeing as we're talking about freedom here. A sweet, sugary, chocolate covered treat can still be low calorie so long as you are using Lo-Dough as your low carb pizza base.