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Deluxe Chocolate Bites

Deluxe Chocolate Bites

Surprisingly low calorie, Lo-Dough sweet bites

Type: Dessert Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorieLow carb

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Low calorie chocolate bites for a healthy sweet dessert

Using Lo-Dough as a baking ingredient, we have come up with some 85% Dark chocolate coated, luxurious chocolate cakes that won't upset your slimming or work-out plan.

Each cake weighs in at 50g each (some shop bought bars are only 25-30g) and also provides you with a good hit of fibre, so will actually satiate your hunger. But more than anything else, they are delicious, luxurious treats. 

They are also simple to make - The cake takes one and a half minutes in the microwave - then melt some chocolate and coat. So while reaching for a shop bought product might be marginally more convenient a few minutes out of your life to mix up a few ingredients and microwave will deliver a far superior product.

Low Calorie Chocolate Bites

Did you know? Lo-Dough is:

High fibre | fat free | low-carb | gluten free | dairy free | high protein | paleo | vegetarian | sugar free 



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