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The Eatlean Protein Pizza

The Eatlean Protein Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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Put Lo-Dough with Eatlean Cheese for a low-carb, protein-packed powerhouse of a pizza

It turns out that Eatlean cheese is the perfect addition to your Lo-Dough pizza - your fitness goals are covered, it's low calorie, low-carb, and through-the-roof impressive with its protein content.

Not to mention, and we say this as confident taste experimenters, it's absolutely delicious (It didn't last very long in the Lo-Dough offices).

This type of recipe is a smash hit in northern Italy. The alpine pizza is a real treat for those looking a change when it comes to pizza. Instead of tomato, it uses a white sauce or creme fraiche topping on the pizza base, before being topped further with onions, cheese and meat. 

This pizza is perfect for after a workout too.

But, both creme fraiche and white sauces tend to be on the fatty calorific side. Step in Eatlean - the low calorie cheese (in both spreadable and grated form) that is packed with protein. When combined with Lo-Dough, you end up with is a pizza that is tailor-made for those of you with demanding fitness goals.

On top of all those great macros, you also get a pizza that tastes great - cheesy and herby with a nice savoury, salty hit from the ham. 

Eatlean Protein Pizza

Low calorie pizza recipes are easy with Lo-Dough

Using Lo-Dough as your pizza base is a fast track, easy way to low calorie pizzas which are also high in fibre and protein. You can stay on track with your fitness goals, or manage your calorie intake easily, as with only 39 calories per piece of Lo-dough, you suddenly have a whole lot more leeway for toppings (even a glass of wine?).

Take a look at this somewhat unusual bacon and banana pizza (we're not going mad, it's a thing in Sweden). And let us know what you think.

Happy pizza making!

Did you know? Lo-Dough is:

High fibre | fat free | low-carb | gluten free | dairy free | high protein | paleo | vegetarian | sugar free 

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