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Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Bene; The Lo-Dough way.

Type: Breakfast Suitable For: High proteinLow carb

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Everybody loves a dripping Eggs Benedict: The latest ‘fashion food’ to have swept the worlds hipster districts, brunch lovers across the world are forking out big money for this classic New York dish as we speak, and for good reason.

Whilst some bene lovers swear by adding ham, others are adamant that bacon is the only way to go. There are a lot of calls to be made, but for us, it’s bacon all the way. We’ve seen some fantastic variations for ketogenic dieters, adding bacon and avocado with a rich and creamy homemade hollandaise sauce, whilst calorie conscious slimming groups have adapted theirs to include lean ham and mock Hollandaise sauce using fat-free yoghurt.

If you’re following a LCHF/ketogenic meal plan, then this is the perfect variation for you. If not, we would recommend adapting your own low-fat recipe for the Hollandaise sauce.  Either way, it's a winner.

The best thing about this variation is the inherently low carb, bread-like quality Lo-Dough has on offer. We used one piece to cut out four small disks, then soaked in egg wash for a couple of hours. The results were astonishing…