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Fibre-Packed Veggie Wrap

Fibre-Packed Veggie Wrap

Type: Wraps Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow calorieLow carbLow fatVegetarian

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This Fantastic High-Fibre Wrap Is Flavour-Packed Veggie Heaven.

We've combined some of our favourite fibre-rich vegetables with Lo-Dough to create an absolute powerhouse of a wrap. Chickpeas (in the hummus), roast carrots, roast broccoli, and roast beetroot, alongside some roast onions - all wrapped up in a piece Lo-Dough, with feta, olives and a balsamic drizzle to make all even tastier. Feeling hungry? We certainly are! 

So let's break it down. The LoDough gives you a whopping 9.3g of fibre. Then the roast vegetables give you a further 3g and the hummus gives you 2g more on top. Which puts this wrap at 15.3g of gut-healthy fibre, for only 322 calories and 22g of carbs.

Fibre-Packed Veggie Wrap

Homemade High-Fibre Vegetable Wraps

We recommend making your own hummus - there are loads of recipes available online and you can make a much better-flavoured dish for far cheaper than bought hummus - plus - it only takes a few minutes.  

Meanwhile, simply roast a large tray of veg - these will come in for a few days and can be used as part of another dish, served in a salad, blitzed into a soup or reheated and served as a side-dish. We roasted off a few chunkily chopped carrots, a load of whole beetroots and some quartered red onions in a tray with a few sprays of oil in a hot hot oven (200C). After 25-30 mins we added a whole head of chopped broccoli and continued to roast for a further 20 minutes. A nice addition here might be a few drops of cider vinegar or lemon juice, just to give the veg a little zing. 

So why not try this great veggie dish a whirl - do it on a Sunday afternoon, knowing you've got a few days of delicious veggie options ahead! Remember for that massive fibre hit, make it with Lo-Dough!