Healthy Hawaiian Pizza

Healthy Hawaiian Pizza

Type: Pizza | Suitable For: Gluten freeLow calorieLow carb

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Incredibly low calorie pizza recipe with ham and pineapple

It's the pizza combination that divides us all. Ham and pineapple. Fruit? On Pizza? Well here at Lo-Dough, we think a Hawaiian pizza can be a thing of beauty - and when you are using Lo-Dough as an alternative pizza base at just 39 calories (per base) - you can enjoy this delicious treat even more. Nutrition up, calories down. Whether you like pineapple on your pizza or not, this is a winning recipe. 

Low calorie pizza recipes with Lo-Dough

Pizza is done differently with Lo-Dough, not only do we slash the calories and make eating pizza part of a super healthy and slimming diet, it can also promote better nutrition. High fibre, high protein, low calorie, and 100% melt in the mouth lovely.

 Healthy Hawaiian Pizza

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Did you know?: Hawaiian pizza with pineapple doesn't actually come from Hawaii. It was created by chance in a restaurant by a Greek man named Sam Panopolous in Canada. 


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