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High-Fibre Ham and Veg Pizza

High-Fibre Ham and Veg Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carb

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A Seriously Tasty High-Fibre, Low-Calorie Pizza

Here's another pizza classic from Lo-Dough HQ. This one takes earthy mushrooms, sweet beetroot, tender broccoli and salty ham and sits them atop a cheese and tomato pizza. The result is another flavour SMASH... a total lip-smacking treat. Here's the rub: It's as healthy for you as it is tasty. It clocks in at a whopping 14.3g of fibre, 28g of protein and only 14g of carbs and 346 calories. Make it with Lo-Dough and just watch those macros turn in your favour. Lo-Dough on its own contains a massive 9.3g of fibre, so when combined with fibre-rich vegetables such as broccoli and beetroot, you'll find yourself eating approximately half your daily requirement of fibre in one sitting.

High-Fibre Ham and Veg Pizza

Which foods are rich in fibre?

Fibre is found in most plant foods including:

  • Vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and potatoes (skins)
  • Fruits such as apples, bananas and berries
  • Legumes like beans, lentils and peas
  • Wholegrains like bread, pasta, rice and breakfast cereals
  • Different grains like oats, barley, rye
  • Nuts and seeds like almonds and sunflower seeds
  • Foods that contain inulin such as garlic, artichokes and asparagus
  • Psyllium extracted from plant ago ovato which is added to foods to increase the fibre content such as Lo-Dough

Give this pizza a go - you'll love the flavour and the feeling of getting to eat pizza with such incredible health benefits! 




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Lo-Dough has 90% less carbs than a typical flour tortilla. Enjoy a whole pizza in under 300 calories.