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The Keto Burrito

The Keto Burrito

Low carb, simple to make and delightfully tasty

Type: Breakfast Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreLow carb

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Low carb diet? Keto? This one's for you...

Looking for a Keto breakfast idea? Use Lo-Dough as your wrap for an amazing low carb alternative. This is packed with flavoursome ingredients, all picked to hit a low carb, high fat, medium protein set of macros? Look no further than the Keto breakfast burrito - guaranteed to start any Ketogenic dieter's morning off with a bang. 

Your low carb wrap with Lo-Dough

Packed with sausage, egg, cheese, cauliflower-rice and avocado and flavoured with chilli and coriander - this is the perfect fusion of English breakfast components and spicy, guacamole-style salsa.

The Keto Burrito

By switching out the regular rice for cauli-rice and the tortilla out for a Lo-Dough wrap, you can enjoy a keto breakfast to rival any other, but without the excess of carbs you would normally expect to find. Thanks to the high fibre content of Lo-Dough, you won't have to worry about feeling full and satisfied either.

There are a couple of components to prepare in advance (pre-cook the sausage meat, scramble the egg and prepare the avocado), but this is a serious weekend treat and well worth the effort.

Start your day the Lo-Dough way... 

(Note - recipe makes one Lo-Dough burrito)