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Kimcheese Pizza

Kimcheese Pizza

Type: MainsPizza Suitable For: Gluten freeLow carbVegetarian

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The low-calorie pizza version of a modern classic

Another melding of ingredients from different countries that might not seem suited, but trust us - it works! South Koreas fermented cabbage dish 'Kimchee' brings an incredibly complex, sour note to this pizza that works deliciously with the cheese. no online that, but kimchee is a pre-biotic food and is great for gut health. Win-win. 

Whereas a 'Kimcheese' normally takes the form of a grilled cheese sandwich, we've seen fit to do ours as a pizza. The result is pizza perfection and low-calorie to boot! 

Kimchee is available online, in Asian supermarkets and in some supermarkets.