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Low Calorie BBQ Veggie Pizza

Low Calorie BBQ Veggie Pizza

Type: Pizza Suitable For: Gluten freeHigh fibreHigh proteinLow calorieLow carbVegetarian

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BBQ isn't just about the meat - Grill up some veggies too and use any leftovers on this incredible low calorie pizza!

When the sun's out, there is nothing better than a good old barbecue. But, many people forget the veg. Charred up veg are delicious, nutritious and perfect to serve alongside or instead of meat. 

If looking to keep your BBQ meals low-calorie and low-carb, replace any bread element of the meal with Lo-Dough. And if you find yourself with any leftovers, throw them on a pizza!

Fold and roll like we've done for an easier, portable outdoor eat!